The anti-social network

Earlier this year (April to be precise) a story hit the UK’s headlines of a 4-year-old girl who was ‘addicted’ to her iPad. Whilst many of us may have scoffed and thought ‘I’d never let that happen to my child’, it turns out that in Japan they’re taking the problem incredibly seriously.

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The Japanese Ministry of Education is proposing an ‘Internet Fasting Camp’ to help cure some of the estimated 500,000 adolescents who are believed to suffer from internet addiction. The condition is being held responsible for a number of sleeping and eating disorders, and even cases of depression and deep-vein thrombosis (normally associated with long-haul flights).

It’s a problem that’s not just unique to Japan – it’s a global issue that’s most likely to get worse before the rest of the world start to take notice. (Don’t worry, the irony of us sharing a Poke about the dangers of social media isn’t lost on us.)