Music to your beers

Music to your beers 1

Is it a boombox? Is it a crate of beers? Happily, it’s both. This is the latest packaging from Beck’s, designed to hold a six-pack of beers and look uber cool at the same time. (Bottoms up, Damo.)

Along with the beer, the box also contains other music-y items, like hip hop inspired pop-out glasses, coasters, retro cassette tapes and a USB with sponsored Beck’s track lists to listen to while you drink.

The mash-up between beer and tunes isn’t new to the brand, which has been featuring music-inspired labels on its bottles for the last few years.

It also has an ongoing initiative called The Green Box Project, a global fund that supports independent talent in art, design, music, and fashion. Through the project, Beck’s will fund and showcase 1,000 projects over the next three years. Thirsty work.

Music to your beers 2