Window dressing

Window dressing


Stereotypical things you will never hear a man say #34: “I’m just popping into town for a spot of window shopping.” Well that may be about to change thanks to NEO’s new concept storefront in Nuremburg.

First of all, it’s not really a window: it’s like something out of Minority Report. Secondly, it allows shoppers to interact with the models, spinning them around through touch hotspots and pulling up additional product information. Thirdly, it enables shoppers to place items into a window shopping bag and then check out via their smartphone.

Window dressing 2

NEO – part of Adidas’s casual sportswear range aimed at teenagers – has already successfully tested the idea in Russia and China, and has now given the go ahead for a further 10 locations across Germany. Certainly one window that’s giving shoppers plenty of opportunity.