Watch and glow

Watch and glow

Shhhh at the front! If you’re an angry cinema-goer, the kind who tuts whenever someone rummages in their popcorn or fumbles with their fruit gums, this is for you.

Renowned food design studio Bompas & Parr has created luminescent ice cream so movie watchers can see their snacks in the dark. Created for Cornetto, the ice creams feature the iconic waffle cone and chocolate top, but with a glowing yellow filling.

Watch and glow 2

It’s made using riboflavin – or vitamin B2 – which glows under certain wavelengths. To make sure the cones are shown off to their maximum potential, UV light is shone into the cinema to illuminate the ice cream without ruining the film.

Nothing you can do about those day-glo drips down your jumper, sadly.