A twist of lime

A twist of lime 1

What do Paul Smith, Issey Miyake and Diane von Furstenberg have in common? Aside from being top fashion designers (duhhh), they’ve all collaborated with Evian to create limited-edition water bottles.

Latest to join the watery ranks is French fashion brand KENZO. Inspired by the brand’s new collection, the bottle features a bright geometric design. And it’s not just there for show, either. The purple lines apparently symbolise the French Alps, while the lime pattern stands for the mountain spring water.

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The fast and the furiously hungry

The fast and the furiously hungry

Need curry paste in a hurry? A bottle of fizz in a flash? Jalapenos in a jiffy? ShopWings, launched last week in Munich, is a new online grocery service that delivers within two hours of your order being placed.

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Head over wheels

Head over wheels

Anyone who’s driven in India (or attempted to cross the street there, for that matter) will know the country doesn’t have the highest levels of road safety.

Enter The Good Road, an initiative supported by Castrol and the Bangalore Traffic Police.

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Remember how exciting it used to be getting real post? No, not bills. Or direct mail. Or slips from the post office saying your Amazon order has been taken to the depths of beyond. Real post, in nice envelopes, with real handwriting and personal messages.

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Plane sailing

Plane sailing
Left your passport at home? KLM will pick it up. Not sure whether to take a cardi on your summer hols? Check the KLM tailored weather report. In danger of missing your flight? Let KLM collect you on a motorbike – even if you’re flying with a different airline.

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Let’s taste the music

Let’s taste the music
‘I’m getting peaty, malty hints. Supple notes of spiced wood. And a balanced kick of smokey honey with dried fruit.’

The language of whisky tasting can seem bizarre to anyone other than an expert. So to help us identify individual flavours within Johnnie Walker Blue Label – the rarest in the brand’s portfolio – food design studio Bompass and Parr has commissioned a piece of organ music called A Symphony in Blue.

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Espresso yourself

Espresso yourself

Leave the flasks to the hikers. What you need is a Minipresso, a dinky espresso machine for popping in your bag and pouring out when you’re on the move. (Hot stuff, Damo.)

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Sky hi-fi

Sky hi-fi 1

Ever been to a wedding where the invitation asks you to submit your favourite tune for the DJ’s playlist? Ever hidden in shame as the dance floor clears and everyone tuts when your choice comes on?

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The germinator

The Germinator

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZD8B7hd9X8


Ever feel like you’re sitting in a doctor’s waiting room instead of a train carriage? If your morning commute is an everyday battle to avoid catching something horrific, you need the Germinator Transit jacket.

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What’s cooking?

What’s cooking

Half an onion, the scraps of yesterday’s roast, a couple of green beans and a jar of mayonnaise. What on earth are we going to have for dinner?

The contents of a mid-week fridge can lead anyone to despair (and a take-away). But now, Hellmann’s Brazil and a team of professional chefs are here to help.

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