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Ace surprise

Ace surprise

On entering your hotel room, you might expect to see a lovely little chocolate placed on your pillow. Or a liberal scattering of local flora. Or a towel, tormented into the damply wilting shape of a swan. Much as they’d love you to get a great night’s sleep, the stifled yawns these hackneyed housekeeping ‘surprises’ generate is unlikely to have been the hotelier’s intent.

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New life cycle

New life cycle

The vogue to build the most individual bike shows no sign of bonking yet, with this latest collaboration between Levi’s and cult bike-bits craftsmen, Brooks England. These two heritage brands have come together to pimp your ride in a commendably modern way.

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Bitter, us?

Bitter us



They say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. But one brand has adopted it lock, stock and two leaking barrels to elevate itself to satirical new heights in the eyes of its appreciators.

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Gigs. Bins. Specs. Whatever you call them, it’s no longer uncool to be called four-eyes. Especially when they’re beautifully designed, and embedded with blue-tooth technology that keeps a watchful eye on your health too.

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Spray some zzzs

Spray some zzzs

Was it that triple espresso? Tax return terror? Or all that bedtime tablet time you overindulged in? Many things can stop us sleeping, but the blue light of the latter is scientifically proven to mess with your melatonin, or the brain juice you need to nod off.

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Leader of the unverpackt

Leader of the Unverpackt

Crisp bags half full of air. Coffee jars with two plastic lids. Cucumbers double-wrapped in film and cellophane. If over-packaged produce makes you go a bit bananas, take heart from what’s happening in Berlin.

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Beer with added fibre

Beer with added fibre

Calm down, calm down. Carlsberg hasn’t gone all colon-health-crazy. The fibre’s not in the beer, but the bottle. They’re developing one made from ‘Green Fiber’: a world-first that’s fully biodegradable, sculpted from sustainably-sourced wood and paper pulp. (The sort of stuff that keeps your eggs uncracked and your electronic goods so tightly packed.)

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The society of grownups

society of grownups 1

Skinny cappuccino? A cinnamon bun perhaps? And would you like life insurance with that? In a bid to gain business from Millennials facing life decisions, insurance group MassMutual is inviting its customers to cosy up with them over a decent cup of coffee.

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A beer with a head, and a heart

beer with a head

Next time you’re quenching your thirst with an ice-cold Stella Artois, spare a thought for those in developing countries who lack one of life’s essentials – clean drinking water. That’s the message from, the non-profit co-founded by Matt Damon, in partnership with brewing giant Anheuser Busch InBev.

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As squeaky clean as a dolphin

squeaky clean

Delicate, lacy lingerie. Super soft cashmere. Trousers crusted with mud from a trek through the rainforest. All need washing. All a complete chore to clean.

Not so with Dolfi. This ‘next gen washing device’ has arrived to take the task gently and discretely off your hands. Pop it in a bowl of water and laundry detergent, plug in your Dolphi and it will do the job for you. Using ultrasonic tech. (Thanks go to our superfresh Mr Jampbell.)

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