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Beauty is in the eye of the trolleyholder


Jumbo bag of bog roll: tick. Discounted deep fat fryer: tick. Megatub of tangy twizzlers: tick. Oooh, eight-pack of Jenna Hipp nail polishes: tick, tick, tick, tick, tick!

If you had the power to read Costco shoppers’ minds, this might well be what you’d hear. The superstore giant has teamed up with those world-worshipped experts at Beauty’s Most Wanted to give premium products the multipack treatment in store.

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High class

High class 1

Some people have cases of fine wines delivered monthly. Some, the latest cult beauty brands. In San Francisco, little parcels of carefully-curated marijuana have started to arrive on the doormats of a select group of consumers. (All with proven medical issues, naturally.)

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Beer taste on a champagne budget

Beer taste


#Heineken100 continues its campaign to establish a more metropolitan brand image, now inviting three up-and-coming luxury labels to create one-of-a-kind items in honour of the beer.

These three, homegrown Californian ateliers have been selected for their coolness by 100 tastemakers from across the States, a group representing Heineken’s ideal, urbane consumer. And they are currently frothing like a dropped beer over Parabellum, Garret Leight California Optical and RTH. Each label has been commissioned to “create products that utilize their signature silhouettes, but are unlike anything within their current portfolio,” by #Heineken100 Creative Director Chris Gibbs.

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The shape of calls to come

The shape of calls to come

If the fetishism surrounding certain popular smartphones leaves you a little iFatigued, then here’s an opportunity to take matters into your own hands. Google is collaborating with design and technology firm Lapka to create their own modular smartphone, Project Ara.

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Chips with everything

Chips with everything

Belgian bacon pudding? Or would you prefer an Austrian chocolate burrito? Released this April, recipe book ‘Cognitive Cooking with Chef Watson’ certainly suggests a few challenging ingredient pairings. However these appear less surprising when you discover they’ve been created by a computer.

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A sour taste for Doritos

A sour taste


Share a bag of your favourite Friday night snack and you may find you’re involved with something less than savoury. That’s the message from anti-corporate provocateurs SumOfUs. A spoof video follows the unfolding romance between a pair of Doritos lovers, but the crunch comes at the end with the revelation, ‘Doritos: May Contain Traces of Rainforest’.

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Hubble, bubble, boil and trouble

Hubble bubble 1

Organic produce. Health food. Juice bars. What images come to mind? Rustic wholesomeness, raw wood and chirpy chalkboards, most probably. Time for a change? Just what Chicago’s rather rebellious Owen+Alchemy thought too.

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Dishonour bound

Dishonour bound

There have been few more chilling news stories recently than the ‘honour’ killing of Shafilea Ahmed in 2003. Suffocated by a plastic bag stuffed into her mouth, the 17-year old was murdered by her parents, in front of her young siblings.

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Just jiggle it

Just jiggle it


Bingo wings wobbling. Flushed jowls joggling. Mascara running faster than you are… If you shudder with recognition at these images, you’re probably a woman. A real one, who finds motivation the hardest part of keeping fit. And one who’s not alone.

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You can coco

You can coco

The times when the chocolate urge hits are usually the times when you can’t really be bothered to trudge down to the shops. What if you could, say, just download some chocolate? Like, print it out and get guzzling? All without moving from your desk / sofa / duvet? Mike TV and Willy Wonka though it was a pretty good idea. And Hershey does too.

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