Inside scoop

Inside scoop 2

What’s your laundry detergent format of choice? If you’re a powder kind of person, you’ll be familiar with the small plastic scoops that come in every box. The problem with those plastic scoops is just that: they’re plastic, and they come in every box.

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The band of nod

The band of nod

Admit it. How many of us nodded off while we were watching TV over Christmas and missed the best / most important / most tear-jerking bit?

For all you sofa snoozers out there, the KipstR is here to save the day. With the help of Virgin Media, two students have created a wristband that detects when you’re falling asleep and starts to record the TV as soon as your eyes shut.

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Breaking the mould

Breaking the mould 2

If you need an excuse to stick out your tongue, we recommend these designer popsicles from Nuna. Co-created by Berlin-based architect Manu Kumar and designer Stefan Gendl, these geometric popsicles are made entirely from natural ingredients and are attached to sustainable bamboo sticks.

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Fragrance free

Fragrance free

The sweeping, classical logotype. The restrained application of spot varnish. The stoppered glass bottle, frosted or faceted. Think about it. Isn’t it strange that perfume brands rely so heavily on visual elements to seduce consumers? Surely it would make more sense if consumers were encouraged to follow their noses instead.

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The day I won a Warhol

The day I won a Warhol


Perhaps more closely associated with canned soup than Swedish vodka, the spirit of Andy Warhol lives on in the latest collaboration from Absolut.

Alongside the release of a limited edition bottle inspired by Warhol’s work, Absolut has set up a platform for artists around the world to create, share and exchange their own digital artworks.

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The best possible taste

The best possible taste

“And as she drew closer, their parted lips brushed softly together and she caught the sweet spiciness of… Madras sauce…”

OK, curry-fresh breath isn’t perhaps the most attractive option for a first date, but not to worry. With the launch of Breath Palette flavoured toothpaste, you have 30 other flavours to choose from.

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Health watch

Health watch

Need to know how healthy you are? Just check your wrist. No, not your pulse – your cool digital health monitor.

Walgreens, America’s largest drugstore chain is embracing digital technology in a bid to become a one-stop shop, not only for pharmaceuticals but also for lifestyle and preventative healthcare products.

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KFC with all the trimmings

Part of our 12 Pokes of Christmas. 

Here’s an extra stocking filler for you. Merry Christmas!


Worried the Christmas meal you’re slavishly planning might not live up to everyone’s expectations? Stop stressing and book yourself (yes, book) a table at KFC.

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Festive throwback

Part of our 12 Pokes of Christmas. This one’s No.12 – hope you’ve enjoyed them.

Festive throwback

There’s no doubt that any charity idea is a good idea. But what with ice buckets, selfies and viral videos, the stakes have been raised massively this year. Which is why General Pants’ Christmas campaign feels like it’s just stumbled out of the ‘80s.

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Away in a mango

Part of our 12 Pokes of Christmas. Santa will be here very soon.

Away in a mango

Swap the baubles for a banana. The paper chains for a papaya. And the fake snow for, erm, a fuzzy peach.

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