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The pitter patter of the 3D printer

Ever looked at a baby scan and pretended you can see features in the black and grey smudges? Now, thanks to 3D printing, there’ll be no confusion over which bit you’re looking at. Or which way up it is. (Or how sane the baby’s parents are.)

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For your eyes only

From Ghandi to Gok Wan, Dame Edna to Lady Gaga, and Bono to Buddy Holly; glasses are an essential part of our identity. Now, 3D printing is giving people the chance to really express themselves through their facial furniture. (Tx for the insight Lynda R-K.)

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The DNA of fashion

Imagine all your clothes being designed to the exact contours of your body. Or everything you wear being constructed just for you, using cutting-edge technology.

Project DNA is Catherine Wales’ latest fashion collection. Inspired by the aesthetics of human chromosomes, it uses impressive technology and software – as well as some expert pattern-cutting skills from Wales – to produce 3D-printed, made-to-measure white nylon pieces.

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Anti-gravity 3D printing

Start from the bottom and work your way up. Until now, that’s how 3D printing has always worked, building layer upon layer to create a whole, with gravity doing its bit to hold everything together.

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Mini-me in 3D

Startup Mixee Me want to make 3D printing accessible to everybody. (Thanks, Chris Loud)

Their software enables you to design your own Mixee figurines with their online editor, choosing the hair, eyes, body parts, and even uploading your own graphic for facial expressions and shirt designs. Mixee Me will then make your model real, with innovative 3D printing. The cost? Just $25 plus shipping.

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3D Photo Booth

If you enjoy Photo Booth, you’ll love this. A pop-up shop has opened in Tokyo’s Harajuku district, where folks can print out incredibly life-like 3D figurines of themselves. (Cheers, Alex)

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Paranorman is a new 3D, stop-motion animated film by Oregon-based LAIKA. The studio used 3D printing to help the 62 characters display a wide range of emotions – creating over 31,000 potential faces to help the film appear even more realistic.

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Fast footprint

French-born engineer, designer and RCA student, Luc Fusaro has developed a prototype which can be architectured around the unique shape of a sprinter’s foot. It weighs just 96 grams, can shed fractions of a second off your time and, uniquely, comes straight out of a printer!

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