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Live advertising

Live advertising

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1C7batG6Y5s 

What’s the first thing you do when your football team scores? For many fans, the answer is reach for your phone or laptop to see what everyone’s saying about it online.

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Smart billboards

Just because walls are flat doesn’t mean billboards have to be. IBM and Ogilvy France have launched a series of outdoor ads, each with a different shape and purpose. (Good spot, Jamie.) There’s one you can sit on. Another you can shelter under when it rains. And another that makes dragging your bag up steps that little bit easier.

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Slap and tickle

Introducing Dressing for Pleasure – a New Jersey-based fetish store and online catalogue. Unfortunately the company was forced out of business, but before they closed they managed to create this less-than-traditional ad stunt (nice spot Tim!).

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Creative commuting

Japanese advertising company Shunkosha has developed a new way of engaging with commuters on the Tokyo subway. ‘Strappy’ is a small box which attaches to the subway’s handrails. When commuters touch their phone to the box, it automatically sends them to a URL.

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World’s first invisible ad

To promote its product, deodorant company Axe/Lynx created the world’s first invisible ad. (Cheers, Ify!)

Using hack LCD screens and a terrace house in Sydney, the company created ads that were only visible when viewed only through polarized sunglasses. ??Watch the video below to check out how it worked and what the invisible ads were about:

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Lil’ billboard

Legoland Windsor has launched the nation’s tiniest billboard campaign to promote their new hotel. After sharing a Google map of locations around London, Legoland invited people to tweet in photos of any billboards they (maybe literally) stumble across.

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Transparent advertising

PRE-SAFE® is an innovation from Mercedes-Benz which detects potential hazards to make driving safer.

To demonstrate the principle of PRE-SAFE®, real-time footage of a hidden street at a dangerous intersection was projected on the obstructing building’s wall. The effect allowed drivers to “see through” the wall to identify potential road dangers – a unique advertising effort that not only explained PRE-SAFE® but made traffic a little bit safer.

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Out of office ad

During summer holidays, out of office email autoreplies enjoy a seasonal surge in use. To capitalise on this, Swedish ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi Stockholm have created Out of Office Ad – sponsored automatic email responses.

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Media that matters

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A fresh coat of advertising

People accept advertising on their cars, so why not put it on their houses? That’s the thinking behind Adzookie’s effort to turn homes into giant advertising billboards (cheers Alex).

Here’s how it works: homeowners agree to let Adzookie paint their entire house with advertising and keep it that way for at least three months (extendable up to one year). In exchange, Adzookie pays the homeowner’s mortgage for as long as the house remains painted. If for any reason the owner decides to cancel after three months – or Adzookie cancels the agreement – the company will repaint the house back to its original colours.

When the California-based mobile ad startup announced the scheme, they received more than 1,000 applications on the first day.

Via. http://www.springwise.com/marketing_advertising/adzookie/


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