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Bitter, us?

Bitter us



They say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. But one brand has adopted it lock, stock and two leaking barrels to elevate itself to satirical new heights in the eyes of its appreciators.

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Live advertising

Live advertising


What’s the first thing you do when your football team scores? For many fans, the answer is reach for your phone or laptop to see what everyone’s saying about it online.

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Stirring up the coffee market

“Hello. I’m sorry to bother you but I’m having a dinner party and I’ve run out of coffee.”

It doesn’t seem too long ago that TV adverts for coffee worked on a simple premise: buy a jar of coffee and your neighbours will find you instantly attractive, leading to overwhelming sexual tension and possible long term relationships. Oh, how times have changed.

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Bill(board) of rights

‘Sorry mate, I don’t have any change.’ Last year, 40% of all payments in Europe were made by card. So it’s no surprise that charities are looking beyond the bucket for new ways to gather donations from the public.

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Big Mac, Little Picca

Ever since the creation of The Sims, the world has had a love affair with creating ‘mini-me’ versions of ourselves on screen. Add to this a global fascination with London and a ‘selfie’ obsessed culture, and you have the perfect platform for McDonald’s new interactive ‘Little Piccadilly’ campaign.
Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 10.49.25

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(The advert is) Blowing in the wind

Back in 1978 Bill Weston agreed to be glued to a billboard as part of an ad campaign to demonstrate the strength of Solvite. Whether or not they mentioned to him that they’d be carrying that billboard from a helicopter remains unknown.

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Pay per gaze

Made you look, made you pay. Google has just been granted a patent for a Google Glass-based ad system, which displays ads then tracks your eye movement to see if you look at them.

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Coca Cola. Apple. Maybe Cadbury’s. There aren’t many brands that could successfully get rid of their name or branding on advertising. But McDonald’s has done just that, proving how iconic its food is.

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Smart billboards

Just because walls are flat doesn’t mean billboards have to be. IBM and Ogilvy France have launched a series of outdoor ads, each with a different shape and purpose. (Good spot, Jamie.) There’s one you can sit on. Another you can shelter under when it rains. And another that makes dragging your bag up steps that little bit easier.

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Slap and tickle

Introducing Dressing for Pleasure – a New Jersey-based fetish store and online catalogue. Unfortunately the company was forced out of business, but before they closed they managed to create this less-than-traditional ad stunt (nice spot Tim!).

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