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Beer monsters

Beer monsters

The appearance of mythical beings and fantastical creatures staring out from the side of your beer bottle might ordinarily suggest you’ve had rather too much to drink. But for Midwest brewers Oliphant, these manifestations are quite the norm. The head of the Oliphant, the imaginary creature that gave the brewery its name, now watches over its range of boutique ales.

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Drip dry

Leave the aspirin in the cupboard. Put the bacon back in the fridge. And take the coffee pot off the boil. If you wake up with a hangover in New York, you now have the option of calling the IV Doctor.

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Bottoms up, down under

We’ve seen Absolut New Orleans, Absolut LA, Absolut Boston, Brooklyn and Miami. We’ve even seen Absolut London, Moscow and Polakom. But now the Swedish-based vodka business has taken its first trip to the southern hemisphere with Absolut Oz.

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Be square

Ask anyone to design a bottle of wine and they’ll probably focus on the label. But what’s to say you can’t change the bottle itself?

Truett-Hurst’s California Square wine has a rectangular bottle, which not only saves on shelf space, but also helps reduce the amount of outer packaging and makes it easier to transport the bottles in cardboard boxes.

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Whether you’re looking to learn more about beer or just take your existing snobbery to new levels, pick up a copy of Beertone. This handy pantone-inspired guide covers 202 beers, sorted from lightest to darkest. Each entry includes the beer’s name, bottle design, brewery, colour, brewery website and flavour description. The perfect gift for beer nuts everywhere.

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Make a date with whisky

This holiday season, instead of finding a sickly piece of chocolate behind the cardboard doors of your advent calendar, upgrade to man level! (Cheers, Elliot)

The Whisky Advent Calendar provides you with holiday cheer every day, in the form of a tiny bottle of booze. One ‘door’ even includes a micro-dram of $550 single malt scotch – the perfect winter warmer on a chilly morning!

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ABSOLUT unique

ABSOLUT VODKA are preparing to launch a new creative initiative – the ABSOLUT UNIQUE, which consists of nearly 4 million uniquely designed bottles, about to grace supermarket shelves worldwide.

ABSOLUT have always been at the forefront of creative collaboration, but for this project they’re taking the artistic reigns. Using a mix of 38 different colours and 51 pattern types ­– applied through splash guns and colour-generating machines – they’ve ensured that each bottle is one-of-a-kind.

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Custom blend

Whisky Blender is a new online service that lets people create their own blend of Scotch whisky.

With seven whiskies to choose from, visitors can blend, bottle and brand their very own tipple. The Whisky Blender adds all creations to a digital bottle store for others to try or tweak as they wish.

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The can can

Bottled beer massively outsells canned beer in the US. But this could soon be about to change as more craft beer companies (or micro-breweries) are choosing cans, with the support of mainstream grocers.

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Absolut premium

After a decade of development, super premium vodka, Absolut Elyx, has launched in the global duty-free market. The launch is backed by a powerful 360-degree marketing campaign targeting a global audience of advanced and sophisticated urban trendsetters and opinion leaders.

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