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The accidental beauty of ‘life before digital’

The ‘Hipstamatic’ camera app for iPhone brings back the look, feel, fun and unpredictable beauty of cameras from the past. With a swipe of your finger, you can create a new-look photo – each one with its own touch of ‘retro’. In times of uncertainty, people take comfort in the past. This app is a great example of the ‘old world’ adding charm to the ‘new world’.

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Nike goes SoLo (Social, Local)


Nike is doing mobile marketing with True City, an iPhone app with the tagline, ‘Making the hidden visible’. It combines social elements with current mobile technologies to create a next-gen city and travel guide for six European cities.

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The ‘next generation’ window sticker

Every day it’s a little less clear where the online world begins and the offline world ends. Or vice versa. Case in point: a new effort just launched by Google uses window decals to help the ‘most searched’ local retailers forge online connections from their bricks-and-mortar store.

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How are you catering for today’s ‘professional shoppers’?


ShopSavvy is a comparison shopping tool. You can find items by either typing them on your phone keyboard or using the camera to scan the bar code. Once you’ve found a product, ShopSavvy tells you the cheapest local or online price. For local products, you can get map directions, visit their website, or call the store. For online products, you can visit their website or share the product using Facebook or Twitter. You can also set ShopSavvy to automatically share your scans with Twitter, but this gets very spammy very fast and is a feature probably best leaving off.

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