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Secret café

Brazilian architect Alan Chu has designed The Gourmet Tea – a tea shop that’s hidden within a São Paulo shopping centre.

The tea shop, the third to open in the region, is inspired by the brand’s brightly coloured packaging. The counter slides forward from a purple hatch, whilst the shelving, cupboards and signage are all concealed behind various panels. An increasing number of interior designs offer the illusion of a stage or set – adding a little theatre to everyday life.

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New York’s thirst for art

For the first time in history, New York’s iconic water tanks will be used as canvases for public art. Twelve feet high, thirteen feet in diameter and mostly made of redwood, the water tanks can be seen from almost every corner of the city.

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Sharpie thinking

When Sharpies debuted in the 1960s, they made their mark as the go-to autograph pens for stars like Sean Connery and The Beatles. Now, global vice president Sally Grimes has elevated the permanent markers into a creative status symbol: “Our fans show us what’s possible – stuff we never could have imagined, like decorating cars, lampshades, and prom dresses,” she says.

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Urban Beautification

It’s a little-known fact that if you study the pavement in 95% of Japan’s 1,780 municipalities, you’ll find artistic manhole covers – unique to each city and town (great spot, Oli in London).

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You are what you bin

Singapore’s only landfill is on the island of Pulau Semakau. The Republic of Pulau Semakau series by Singapore-based photographer Zinkie Aw highlights the country’s waste management issues and shows how our rubbish can be an insight into our identity. (Tx again to Charlotte, Singapore)

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Tube art

Art and design have always been at the heart of the London Underground’s identity. The Art on the Underground Project aims to enrich people’s experience on the Tube with a world-class programme of contemporary art. (Cheers Amy)

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Absolut India

Absolut have bottled the sound of India in an experiential installation at the India Art Fair.

Whenever someone walks near a bottle, a quintessential sound of India is triggered – the listener has to lean in close to hear it properly. As people work their way around the installation, the different sounds create a personal Indian journey for each listener.

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Papabubble is a candy sanctuary hidden deep in Sibuya, Tokyo selling artisanal caramel.
The sweet shop has collaborated with multimedia artist Yuka Otani to produce “Sweet Vessels”, an edible work of art on sale in the store. Otani has also made life-size glasses and wine tumblers out of candy, designed to gradually melt and re-crystalize over time.

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The Diesel Experience

Tokyo’s Diesel Shibuya is the fashion brand’s first major concept store in Japan. In addition to Diesel clothing and accessories, Diesel Shibuya will offer visitors the full Diesel lifestyle experience. You can eat at the Glorious Chain Cafe, buy fine wine and olive oils at the Diesel Farm or soak up some inspiration at the Diesel Art Gallery. The latest exhibition in the gallery is from a superstar of Chinese photography, Chenman. (Tx again Ads)

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Smartphone sculpture

French 3D printing firm Sculpteo has created an app that converts smartphone photos into 3D images, which can be transformed into ceramic objects like bowls, plates and figurines.

The app’s interface lets users change the size, dimensions and colour of their personalised object, as well as select a material. Then Sculpteo gives a quote, which can be ordered. The company says: ‘this is the first app ever to transform human data into a 3D-printed object via a smartphone. It enables people to have a personalised object that they have created themselves.’

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