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Festive throwback

Part of our 12 Pokes of Christmas. This one’s No.12 – hope you’ve enjoyed them.

Festive throwback

There’s no doubt that any charity idea is a good idea. But what with ice buckets, selfies and viral videos, the stakes have been raised massively this year. Which is why General Pants’ Christmas campaign feels like it’s just stumbled out of the ‘80s.

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Away in a mango

Part of our 12 Pokes of Christmas. Santa will be here very soon.

Away in a mango

Swap the baubles for a banana. The paper chains for a papaya. And the fake snow for, erm, a fuzzy peach.

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Waste makes taste


The saying goes that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Whilst it’s difficult to pinpoint the precise author of this pithicism (possibly Chambers Journal of popular literature, science and arts, 1879) it’s been used as the backbone for many a business in recent years – just look at eBay and Gumtree.

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Most trips to IKEA follow a fairly simple pattern: you arrive, you collect your pencil and tape measure, you spend several hours caught in a tidal wave of casual shoppers, you pick up some novelty ice cube trays, you start fretting about whether you chose the slowest queue to pay in, you leave, you realise you forgot what you went there for in the first place. Not so in Australia.

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Get a pizza the profits

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 10.22.01

Being particular about your BBQ-chicken-with-bacon could earn you big bucks. Domino’s Australia are extending their digital efforts beyond their 3D iPad app into a co-creational, crowd-sourcing movement for the people. By the people.

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The magic touch

Long distance relationships just got a lot more exciting. A new product from Durex means you can send your partner a Daily Poke from wherever you are in the world – and not like the one you’re reading. Fundawear lets you send your touch via an app over land and sea and right into your partner’s pants.

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Anything for a Quiet Life

Where’s the nearest restaurant? Bar? Cinema? It seems most apps have been designed with the particular purpose of directing us to a hub of activity. It’s no wonder we have problems really ‘turning off’, so it was only a matter of time before someone created an app that helped us do exactly that.

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Bread from Heaven

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a toastie. The food world has seen some fairly radical innovations in recent years – restaurants where you eat in the dark, in silence, on your own, with no cutlery. But none of these are even in the same league as the Jafflechute – a new ‘pop-up, float down eatery’ in Melbourne. (Thanks, Alex.)

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Bottoms up, down under

We’ve seen Absolut New Orleans, Absolut LA, Absolut Boston, Brooklyn and Miami. We’ve even seen Absolut London, Moscow and Polakom. But now the Swedish-based vodka business has taken its first trip to the southern hemisphere with Absolut Oz.

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Look around any shoe shop and you’ll spot at least one grumpy-looking bloke, probably slumped against the wall, haplessly waiting for his wife/girlfriend/sister to make up her mind.

But to prove that shoe shopping can be fun for everyone, Australian footwear retailer Sneakerboy has created a totally new type of store specifically aimed at young men.

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