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Make a baby, save a bundle

Clever IKEA Australia. This month they produced this amusing advert, offering a free crib for babies born nice months from Valentine’s Day. Wonder how many newly expectant parents will take them up on the offer! (tx Amy)

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Let’s get it on

For its new range of condoms ‘SKYN’, Ansell has launched a campaign asking Spotify users to create a ‘sexy songs’ playlist. (Thanks, Jason and Alex)







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Overstay Checkout

Most people love staying in hotels – but don’t enjoy having to check out early. That’s why Art Series Hotels and Naked Communications have created the ‘Overstay Checkout’ – which allows guests to stay a few hours (or even days) later, until the next guest is due to arrive.

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Who gives a…

If you’ve ever thought ‘there isn’t anything left that a social entrepreneur could attach a buy-one give-one model to’, then clearly you haven’t met Simon Griffiths.

Griffiths is the founder of Who Gives A Crap, a company that sells recycled toilet paper. His business donates 50% of their profits to Water Aid, who use the funds to improve sanitation in Africa. Apparently his recycled rolls are lovely and soft, too – making this social enterprise beneficial to everybody.

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World’s first invisible ad

To promote its product, deodorant company Axe/Lynx created the world’s first invisible ad. (Cheers, Ify!)

Using hack LCD screens and a terrace house in Sydney, the company created ads that were only visible when viewed only through polarized sunglasses. ??Watch the video below to check out how it worked and what the invisible ads were about:

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Coffee table real estate

IKEA Australia wanted to encourage people to use their catalogue throughout the year instead of throwing it away. So the retailer offered to rent space for the catalogue inside customers’ homes, emailing monthly rent cheques redeemable in-store.

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