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A cure for bacon lovers

A cure for bacon lovers

There’s nothing quite like the pride you put into making a bacon sandwich: the Saturday morning ritual; the selection of ingredients; the skill of assemblage. Not to mention the bacon itself – sizzling, crisp and succulent – pressed between soft slices of bread that’ve been laminated with butter and sauce (red, brown or both). Who wouldn’t want to make the most of it?

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Search beyond the ordinary

Search beyond the ordinary 1

In London and looking for a boozer for Saturday night? Forget Google, the search engine you need is

Created by Sol Beer, it claims to ‘dig deeper’ than the usual search engines by rating establishments by authenticity and not popularity. The result is a list of up-and-coming bars and restaurants with a ‘real local or heritage vibe’.

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Watch out, whiskey drinkers. Everything you know – or think you know – about taste, process and quality could be about to change.

Having realised that the difference between top-shelf whiskey and cheap whiskey is largely down to the amount of time spent in the barrel and the kind of wood used, some clever chaps have invented a way for you to ‘age’ your own whiskey.

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It’s that time of day again. The clock’s just struck five (or three. Or midday. Or ten in the morning.) You’ve had a hell of a week. And all you can think about is an ice-cold, citrusy gin and tonic.

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Equal steaks

Equal steaks

What happens to the feathers of chickens killed to make nuggets? To the wool of lambs slaughtered for Sunday roasts? Or the hide of cows used for meat?

Hang on, we can answer that last one. At least, we can if you live in New York. Husband and wife team Andrew Tarlow and Kate Huling are a restaurateur and leather goods specialist respectively. They both require one common ingredient – cattle – so they use the same cows.

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Transparent Coke

Transparent Coke

Freshly squeezed carrot juice. Goji berry, lentil and acai smoothie. A can of full-fat Coke. Chances are, if you asked people to name a healthy and nutritious drink, Coca Cola wouldn’t be high up their list.

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Empowericons 1

SMILE! WINK! KISS! Let us introduce you to the world’s first Afro Emoticons, courtesy of Oju Africa. In fact, the actual word ‘Oju’ means ‘faces’ in the Yoruba language from Nigeria.

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Brew It Yourself

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 10.58.05

Old Engine Oil, Kim Jong Ale, Hoptimus Prime, Moose Drool, Old Leghumper, Tactical Nuclear Penguin. Just a few of the weird and wonderful names that have appeared on the labels of beer bottles around the world. But now visitors to a bar in Glasgow have been given the opportunity to brew their own tipple (and presumably name it too).

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Quintessentially manly branding

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 10.25.48

You can imagine the marketing men for New England brewery Narrangansett muttering, “We’re gonna need a bigger brand.”

Enter Quint, the squint-eyed, shark-hunting antihero from Jaws. Played with chilling charisma by Robert Shaw, he embodies pure manliness on the open seas. And he also glugs down a ‘Gansett or two during the movie.

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Wok and bowl

How do you bring wok-cooking to life visually? Resisting the urge to splatter the walls in soy sauce, a fast-food restaurant in Boston has rebranded ‘in the style’ of its wok-fired, Asian food.

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