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Sow the seeds of thanks

A few weeks ago we told you about John West printing codes on their cans so you can see the boat that caught the fish inside. Now cocoa company Cisse Trading Co. is taking hyper-provenance one step further by allowing you to give a virtual high five to the people who grew it. (Cheers, Tim.)

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Not I, Frankenbeauty

It seems a little harsh to refer to the digitally enhanced models we see in adverts as Frankenbeauties, but it gets across a simple point: these are not real people; they’re people created by machine.

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Market on a mission

Though the specific foods on sale might differ between a Kroger and a Whole Foods, the template is the same: cavernous spaces jammed with thousands of choices, ending with the checkout counter shamble. Local Mission Market, a new San Francisco store, tosses that entire model in favour of rethinking grocery shopping as a user experience. (Cheers Tim)

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A cut above barbers

It’s November. The month of falling leaves, fireworks, and farcical facial hair. So as men up and down the country trim their ‘taches for charity it seems only fitting to feature Harry’s, a new online/ offline barbers that sells premium grooming products without the premium prices. (Apologies for the over-alliteration in the previous two sentences.)

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Read between the wrinkles and lines

According to Dove’s Campaign For Real Beauty website just 4% of women considered themselves beautiful, and 70% of young girls feel worse about themselves after three minutes of reading a fashion magazine.

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Whiskey off the rocks

In 2001 ex-rock climber Ralph Erenzo bought a mill in upstate NY. His intention was to make it into a refuge for local climbers, but his neighbours weren’t so happy about the idea, so he turned it into New York’s first whiskey distillery since prohibition. Rock climbing’s loss = our gain.

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Been there, done that, got the T-weet

There was a time when Instagram was a place you’d go to see arty pics of what your friends were eating, or find out what kind of shoes Kim Kardashian had just bought. Now Marriott Australia have found a far more useful purpose for it – a virtual concierge to guide teenagers round Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 08.58.13

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Hit the road, Foster

Why did the Creative Director cross the road? To buy a camper van and head off on a journey of 80,000 miles exploring surf culture in North America. Not funny, by any means, but a true story.

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Clean sweep

Ketchup. Wine. Pomegranate jus. Just a few of the challenges found in the modern washing basket. But spending all day up a chimney takes laundry to a whole new level.

Tangent Garment Care was co-founded by David Samuelsson, inspired by his chimney sweep grandfather’s meticulous approach to looking after his clothes. Taking strong cues from the beauty sector, Tangent GC uses minimalist branding mixed with apothecary-style glass bottles to reinforce their message of natural care.

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A playboy for today?

Playboy is attempting to reach a younger audience and ‘re-assert itself into American youth culture’ through a series of specially-commissioned art projects.

The first is a giant installation by the side of a road in Texas. Designed by Richard Phillips, it features the Playboy bunny hovering above a black Dodge Charger on a concrete plinth. By contrasting the Texas landscape with an iconic car, the piece is intended to ‘capture the spirit of Playboy in its heyday’.

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