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Don’t get comfortable

‘Don’t get comfortable’ might be an unusual request from a clothing company, but American Giant have other ideas. (Cheers Elliot). Unhappy with the fact that most of our clothes are made overseas, they’ve created a brand with an old American work ethic – without cutting any corners. Check out their brand film below:

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Shave with sophistication

When it comes to male grooming, guys usually have two options – flashy, futuristic designs, or classic options that cost a bomb. So what’s a guy to do? Introducing Harry’s – the freshly launched brand that’s minimal, thoughtful and perfect for stylish guys everywhere.

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Spend a penny in style

When Pete Tomlinson and Ben Russell spotted the ‘to rent’ sign on an underground Victorian toilet, they saw the opportunity to create something new on the London coffee scene.
Instead of erasing all memories of its previous function, they chose to renovate the space – keeping the 1890s Doulton & Co. urinals, maintaining the original iron-wrought cladding and creating the perfect subterranean café.

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Hot stamped!

Ever wonder how long that loaf of bread has been sitting on the bakery shelf? Minimart Pressbyran (kind of like the Swedish equivalent of 7-Eleven) have developed a clever way to show customers just how fresh their hot buns are – by stamping the time of baking directly onto their bottoms.

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Baddest shoes

How did footwear made by a Quaker firm in the quiet English village of Street, Somerset, become the ‘baddest’ shoes in Jamaica? (Nice one, Jamie)

‘Clarks in Jamaica’ is the latest book by DJ and designer Al Fingers, providing a colourful take on Clarks’ celebrated status on the island – where for decades they have ruled as the ‘champion shoes’.

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Single-udder butter

Familiar with single estate tea and single estate olive oil? Well now you can buy single-udder butter! (Thanks to Laura for spreading the word)

At Stone Barns, chef and owner Dan Barber serves ‘single-udder butter’: butter made from the pasteurised milk of a specific cow. Chloe, for example, is an alpha-type cow who chases after the best grass. Her butter is typically a darker yellow than Sunshine’s – an erratic, moody cow.

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Fresh from the farm

We’re suckers for nice packaging, but in this case the product isn’t high-design or super functional, but purely about communication. AS Foods, makers of fruit and vegetable-based products, have created a temptingly packaged range of delicious juice jellies.

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Drink up, listen up

Is it beer marketing music or music marketing beer? Professor Green is releasing not only his latest single but also a beer called Remedy, crafted in conjunction with Signature Brew (cheers Elliot).

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Goat caramels

Billed as a ‘farmstead confectionery’, Vermont’s Big Picture Farms is dedicated to blending the sweet creamy goodness of goat milk into candy. As founder Louisa Conrad explains, the short fatty acid chains found in goat’s milk make for a smoother taste in their caramels. Conrad runs the business with her husband Lucas Farrell – both trained artists who have since turned to goat farming, cheese-making and confections.

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Mike Caswell, an industrial engineer and former Starbucks executive, dreamed of bringing new levels of freshness and choice to coffee lovers by consolidating every aspect of coffee-making under one roof. (Cheers Jules, NY). His idea was to transport beans throughout a coffee shop via a labyrinth of clear tubes with pneumatic pressure, sending raw green beans to the roaster, roasted beans to holding chambers, and small amounts of precisely measured roasted beans to Swiss-made brewers for grinding and brewing. After building a prototype out of vacuum cleaner parts, Caswell has brought his vision to life in New York City with a patented system called Roasting Plant Javabot™.

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