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Hot stamped!

Ever wonder how long that loaf of bread has been sitting on the bakery shelf? Minimart Pressbyran (kind of like the Swedish equivalent of 7-Eleven) have developed a clever way to show customers just how fresh their hot buns are – by stamping the time of baking directly onto their bottoms.

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Have your cake and ice it

The BreadTalk Group (a fast-expanding Singapore bakery chain) has recently opened their latest venture – the Icing Room. Tucked away in a fashionable corner of Jurong Point, this specialty cake shop brings you splendid confectioneries, hand-made from the finest ingredients and enchantingly crafted to charm your taste buds. (Cheers, Dom.)

It also offers a Design-It-Yourself cake decorating service where you can choose from a range of decorative designs, toppings, ribbons and candles to add your own personal touch to the cake of your choice. Almost as though you baked it yourself.

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