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Beauty is in the eye of the trolleyholder


Jumbo bag of bog roll: tick. Discounted deep fat fryer: tick. Megatub of tangy twizzlers: tick. Oooh, eight-pack of Jenna Hipp nail polishes: tick, tick, tick, tick, tick!

If you had the power to read Costco shoppers’ minds, this might well be what you’d hear. The superstore giant has teamed up with those world-worshipped experts at Beauty’s Most Wanted to give premium products the multipack treatment in store.

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Beauty therapy

James Blunt tried. So did X-tina (but at least she kept her clothes on for that one). It doesn’t matter how often women hear “You are beautiful”, they don’t seem believe it. So Dove has bypassed their ears and gone for the eyes instead. In a return to the Campaign for Real Beauty, first launched in 2004, Unilever’s ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ for the brand is now sitting pretty at the top of the Viral Video Chart, putting Kmart’s ‘Ship My Pants’ and Evian’s ‘Babies’ in the shade.

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Real mannequins

The Swedish store Athlens has decided to break from the status quo and start using mannequins that actually represent normal women. Size 14 is what can be called normal, with most females falling somewhere between a size 12 and 16.

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Re-touch to-go

Most of us love sharing our photos on social media sites – but isn’t it annoying when a nice shot is spoiled by your messy hair or some other ‘imperfection’? Hardly surprising then, that social media has increased the demand for mobile services that enable us to share ‘idealised’ personal information – glamourising the side of our lives that we share with the public.

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Want to smell like a Crème Egg?

Interesting NPD ideas from Cadbury on their Facebook Timeline! (Tasty, Jamie)


New year, new you

If you’re worried about looking a little porky after your Christmas binge then stress no longer – we have a solution. These Japanese beauty gadgets promise to tone your face and give you a nicer profile – whilst providing your family and friends with endless amusement in the process.

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Customised skincare

French brand Codage is encouraging consumers to customise their own skincare products. Consumers follow an online diagnostic process to assess their personal needs, including factors like skin type and lifestyle, then Codage makes recommendations for key ingredients and concentrations. The customer is free to take the company’s suggestion or tweak the formula before ordering.

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Sweet packaging innovation

Pantene is breaking ground in the hair care industry with sustainable packaging made from sugarcane. Sugarcane-derived plastic consumes over 70% less fossil fuels and releases over 170% less greenhouse gases per ton than traditional petroleum-based plastic. The eco-friendly bottles will feature in the brand’s Pro-V Nature Fusion line and will ship to Western Europe this month, with expansion plans to the rest of the world over the next two years.

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A beautiful supermarket

First, beauty packaging took cues from food labels – now beauty shops are looking to the food aisles for inspiration. The Beauty Emporium in Singapore is located inside a former military barracks and looks like a supermarket.

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