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Festive throwback

Part of our 12 Pokes of Christmas. This one’s No.12 – hope you’ve enjoyed them.

Festive throwback

There’s no doubt that any charity idea is a good idea. But what with ice buckets, selfies and viral videos, the stakes have been raised massively this year. Which is why General Pants’ Christmas campaign feels like it’s just stumbled out of the ‘80s.

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Walking in a window wonderland

Part of our 12 Pokes of Christmas. Courtesy of Santa’s Elmwood elves.

window wonderland 1

For some of us, Christmas represents a once-a-year opportunity to place extreme demands upon the National Grid. House exteriors are strung with cascades of Christmas lights, while illuminated reindeer frolic in the garden, looked on by inflatable glowing Santas. In the West Yorkshire village of Saltaire however, residents have joined together and taken a rather more restrained approach.

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Mo than a screensaver



As another Movember draws to a close, the campaign to promote men’s health worldwide has left many men with a luxuriously carpeted lip. Or at least just a light peppering of stubble. It’s unlikely that many of these ‘taches will last until Christmas before falling beneath the blade. But this year, developers Bas van de Poel, Daan van Dam and animator Wong Ping have come up with another way to further the fuzz.

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Bill(board) of rights

‘Sorry mate, I don’t have any change.’ Last year, 40% of all payments in Europe were made by card. So it’s no surprise that charities are looking beyond the bucket for new ways to gather donations from the public.

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What do you call a group of pandas? It’s not a joke from an ice-lolly stick (although feel free to send witty answers on the back of a postcard). The answer is, there isn’t an answer. Pandas don’t have a collective noun because they’re rarely spotted together. Until now.

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Win by a nose

There was a time when computer games required a control stick and a single button. Then came more advanced controllers, then steering wheels, then guns and head visors and dance mats and microphones and even fishing rods. Now there’s a new gadget… for your nose.

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Suspended coffees

It might sound like coffee’s been given the red card, but it’s actually a source of goodwill. (Nice one DG.)

The Suspended Coffee, or ‘caffè sospeso’ in Italy, where it began, works on a simple principle. You buy a coffee. You sip/drink/dunk biscotti in it. You also pay for a second coffee. You don’t drink it. The second becomes a suspended coffee. Then, if someone in need of warmth and nourishment walks in, they can have the suspended coffee for free.

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There’s method in that mo

Method is launching two limited edition ‘Soap for Hope’ hand washes in support of two important causes: breast and prostate cancer awareness. Both hand wash bottles feature unique designs, including a moustache pattern as a wink to Movember, the global charity that challenges men around the world to grow a moustache during the month of November, raising money and awareness for men’s health issues such as prostate cancer.

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Iconic shirting

Adding a new meaning to the question ‘who are you wearing?’, menswear brand Ben Sherman has created five limited-edition shirts inspired by some of the most prominent figures in British music and art of the last fifty years.

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You give, you get

Orange RockCorps organised an interactive concert with a twist for The Ting Tings in Paris. The more the public shared the event through social media (including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram) the more spectacular the concert became. (Cheers Charlotte, Singapore).

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