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Fan-tache-stic whiskey

Moustaches aren’t just on hipsters anymore – they’re finding their way onto marketing campaigns, fundraisers and even alcohol brands. The Mister.e bottle project adds a ‘tache of dapper detailing to single malt whisky. Its monochromatic bottle is cloaked in a dark cloth bag to create a mysterious mustachioed them

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Bright futures

The Kimberly-Clark Foundation, the charitable arm of Kimberly-Clark Corporation, recently announced the recipients of its Bright Futures program.

Established in 1993, the Bright Futures Scholarship Program awards college scholarships to children of Kimberly-Clark employees in the US and Canada. Each scholarship is worth up to $20,000 ($5,000 per year for up to four years) for full-time students studying at accredited colleges and universities. Since its inception, the program has distributed nearly $32 million in scholarships to more than 1,550 students.

This year’s 64 recipients were chosen based on academic achievement, leadership and involvement in extracurricular activities.


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Art for the people

A mysterious French artist who transforms some of the world’s most downtrodden slums with his haunting large-scale photographs has won the TED prize for his humanitarian work. (Cheers Tet, our newbie in NY.)

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Fashion aid

The BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandage has always been popular with the kiddies. Now Johnson and Johnson want adults to dress up their cuts and scrapes with these special edition fashion print bandages.

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The gift of water

PurBlu Beverages has re-launched its Give Water brand with new packaging that champions its charitable mission. Each bottle sold gives 10 cents to local charities relevant to the four causes represented by the range: GIVE Hope, to women with breast cancer; GIVE Love, to protect our environment; Give Strength, to fight muscular disorders; GIVE Life, to children in need.

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Art with heart

New Contemporaries gives artists who are still studying or have only recently graduated from art school the chance to show their work in professional galleries. There’s an annual exhibition, with a history stretching back to 1949.

Heather Phillipson, one of the poets who has read for us at SoPo, also works as an artist. She’s involved with New Contemporaries Haiti, a fundraising effort that has mobilised many artists. Here’s her piece, DOG 2009, a still from a DVD.

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No shop ‘til you drop

International No Shop Day back in 1997 was marked by the ‘grand opening’ of No Shop – the shop that promised everything but sold nothing.

The No Shop, an installation by designers Thomas/Matthews in collaboration with Friends of the Earth’s Art and Nature Programme and the Royal College of Art, displayed all of the tempting window design and special offers used to lure in shoppers, while the space inside simply contained images of empty shelves and a single ‘No Sales Assistant’ behind an image of a cash register.

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Drink positive

From France to Fiji, bottled water brands rely on spring-based provenance to lure customers.

And now a newcomer is focusing on a different kind of message: positivity.

A Bottle Of, which claims to be Australia’s first Naturally Positive spring water, currently comes in three varieties: wellbeing, love and strength.

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A breath of fresh air

Hint Mint was founded on the idea that simple objects (like a tin of mints) can also be beautiful lifestyle accessories.

Calling themselves the original designer mint, Hint Mint turn a commodity product associated with bad breath into a ‘designer breath accessory’, and describe their mints as a ‘gesture of kindness’, hinting to potential buyers that they ‘need this mint’.

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Philanthropy is so this season, darlings

How can you help shoppers feel less guilty when shopping for luxury? One of the hottest new stores in Paris, Merci, is fusing fashion with philanthropy. The store’s light, loft-like space is as trendy as any other concept store, and stocks brands such as Stella McCartney, special versions of Annick Goutal perfume, flowers and used books.

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