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Wrap up warm for Christmas

It’s Christmas Day (not today – we’re just imagining here). Aunty’s asleep in the chair next to a glass of sherry; Dad’s considering tackling the mountain of washing up; the kids have lost interest in their toys and are being brain-washed by Mary Poppins; and (if you’ve got around to it) next to the front door will be two or three bin bags of ripped up wrapping paper.

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Give better

TOMS have always been great at giving – donating one pair of their shoes to a person in need for every pair purchased. Now, they’ve launched their first GIVE Shop – an experiential event held at The Old Truuman Brewery, where you’re taken on a journey of giving. This involves six major activities, including a craft space for making Christmas cards, a book exchange and ‘Give SMILES’ – a place to relive and cherish happy memories.

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New year, new you

If you’re worried about looking a little porky after your Christmas binge then stress no longer – we have a solution. These Japanese beauty gadgets promise to tone your face and give you a nicer profile – whilst providing your family and friends with endless amusement in the process.

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Make a date with whisky

This holiday season, instead of finding a sickly piece of chocolate behind the cardboard doors of your advent calendar, upgrade to man level! (Cheers, Elliot)

The Whisky Advent Calendar provides you with holiday cheer every day, in the form of a tiny bottle of booze. One ‘door’ even includes a micro-dram of $550 single malt scotch – the perfect winter warmer on a chilly morning!

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Track Santa with Google Earth and Twitter


It’s that time of year again when hundreds of thousands of children will be tracking Santa’s progress across the world, courtesy of NORAD (North American Air Defence Command). The tradition began in 1955 when calls to a misprinted telephone number in an advertisement for a Colorado store, from children invited to call Santa’s hotline, came through to Col. Harry Shoup, NORAD’s Director of Operations. (Thanks, Head Elf Claire)

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A different way to celebrate your city


It’s no secret that cities promote Christmas shopping as a way to boost the local economy. What we hadn’t yet spotted, however, was a city selling its very own holiday gift-wrap, which is what Manchester is doing this season.

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