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Ace surprise

Ace surprise

On entering your hotel room, you might expect to see a lovely little chocolate placed on your pillow. Or a liberal scattering of local flora. Or a towel, tormented into the damply wilting shape of a swan. Much as they’d love you to get a great night’s sleep, the stifled yawns these hackneyed housekeeping ‘surprises’ generate is unlikely to have been the hotelier’s intent.

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The shape of calls to come

The shape of calls to come

If the fetishism surrounding certain popular smartphones leaves you a little iFatigued, then here’s an opportunity to take matters into your own hands. Google is collaborating with design and technology firm Lapka to create their own modular smartphone, Project Ara.

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Watch and glow

Watch and glow

Shhhh at the front! If you’re an angry cinema-goer, the kind who tuts whenever someone rummages in their popcorn or fumbles with their fruit gums, this is for you.

Renowned food design studio Bompas & Parr has created luminescent ice cream so movie watchers can see their snacks in the dark. Created for Cornetto, the ice creams feature the iconic waffle cone and chocolate top, but with a glowing yellow filling.

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Forget your everyday health check. We’re talking tattoo checks, thanks to Brazilian suncare brand Sol de Janeiro and its efforts to raise skin cancer awareness.

Proof of brands putting people’s needs before their own, Sol de Janeiro trained over 450 tattooists with the skills to be able to spot skin lesions and the basic signs of skin cancer.

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Tweety buy

Is one-click shopping slowing you down? Do you yearn for the day when you can buy things just by clicking your fingers? Firstly, you need help. Secondly, your dreams are a little closer to becoming a reality.

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Woof to wash

Disability assistance dogs already do amazing things – they help people cross the road, get dressed and do their weekly shop. Now, they can even master the spin cycle.

JMT Services have collaborated with Support Dogs to create ‘Woof to Wash’, a machine specifically designed for canine control. Specially trained dogs can load and unload the washing, before getting it all nice and clean.

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OS KitKat

Have a break, have an operating system. Android’s engineers have been naming their systems after sweet treats ever since the release of Android Cupcake in 2009, continuing in alphabetical order until the most recent version, Android Jelly Bean.

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Remember that arty photo of your brunch that got 18 likes? Or the one of you and your friends outside your favourite bar that everyone made their profile pic? Now there’s a way to get real recognition for your best snaps: by allowing them to be used in advertising.

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Corporate crafting

As an independent artist or designer, selling your goods in bulk can often be a challenge. Etsy, ‘the world’s most vibrant online marketplace’, realised this – and created a new platform where artists and designers can connect with professional buyers to sell larger quantities of their goods, for sale in retail stores. ‘Etsy Wholesale’ is launching in beta soon, with the aim of creating a network where artists, designers and buyers can all benefit from each other’s expertise.

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Burger bar dreams

As part of the ‘I’m Amazing’ advertising campaign, children in Hong Kong were invited to submit designs for the McDonald’s restaurant of their dreams. The chosen designs were then adapted for a real restaurant.

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