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Vinyl lending

You won’t find strict librarians in this library. Or signs telling you to shhh. Or any books, for that matter. But you might just find a rare copy of that album you’ve been hunting for since 1982. This is the newly opened Vinyl Library, tucked away in an empty shop on a residential street in Stoke Newington.

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New York with sprinkles on top

If New York were an ice cream, would it be chocolate or coffee? And would it be drizzled with caramel, mixed with marshmallow or packed with chunks of waffle?

Ben & Jerry’s is letting fans craft a flavour of ice cream to represent D.C., SF, NYC, Portland, and Seattle. (Thanks for the scoop, Jamie.) There are all sorts of ingredient options to vote for. And as everything is supplied by local partners, they really will be ice creams churned by the people, for the people.

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Little library

Dip into Little Women. Borrow the Little Prince. Follow Gulliver through Lilliput. All from the teeny weeniest library you’ve ever seen. (Good spot, Lyndal.)

Designed by Stereotank, the ‘Little Free Library’ is a project by The Architectural League of New York and Pen World Voices Festival. There are ten of the yellow pods in New York, each stocked with tomes donated by the local community.

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Doggy vending machine

What will your dog do for food? Roll over? Shake hands? Bark a tune?

To show the lengths dogs will go to for a bite to eat, pet care brand Bakers set up the world’s first vending machine for dogs in a London park. (What a good boy, Jamie C!)

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Love for local

Supermarkets are convenient, but often source their products from all over the world – racking up carbon emissions and squeezing out local competition. As a reaction to this, Danish co-operative superstore SuperBrugsen are encouraging customers to suggest local products that they’d like to see on their supermarket shelves.

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Bang with Friends

Now, here’s a weird one. Introducing the most disruptive app that Facebook has seen in a long time – Bang With Friends.

The premise is simple, but undeniably controversial. You install the app, which lists all your friends of the opposite sex. You click on the friend you’d like to ‘bang’, and no one ever knows…unless your friend installs the app and chooses to ‘bang’ you too. If that happens, the app sends you both a message – and what happens next is up to you.

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Maker’s Row

It’s one thing to have a good product idea, but half the entrepreneur’s battle is bringing it to life. That’s where Maker’s Row aims to help – by simplifying the manufacturing process. The company provides access to industry-specific factories across the United States, alongside in-depth profiles and video tours to help entrepreneurs pick the best factory for their business.

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Let’s get it on

For its new range of condoms ‘SKYN’, Ansell has launched a campaign asking Spotify users to create a ‘sexy songs’ playlist. (Thanks, Jason and Alex)







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Lightt-up your life

Lightt is a free social app that creates ‘highlights’ – 10-second photograph sets that play back in just over a second, then repeat. According to the creators, “Lightt attempts to bridge the gap between the sheer snooooozable length of unedited amateur video with the incomplete story of a single photograph” – providing yet another way to share the intimate details of your life.

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‘I still love NY’

Sebastian Errazuriz’s studio was paralysed after the hurricane. Unable to work and tired of watching the horrible disaster unfold on the news, Errazuriz decided to design something to help raise much-needed relief funds. This idea occurred to him after seeing the water line marked on the walls of the flooded galleries in New York’s Chelsea art district. (Nice one, Jamie C)

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