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Empowericons 1

SMILE! WINK! KISS! Let us introduce you to the world’s first Afro Emoticons, courtesy of Oju Africa. In fact, the actual word ‘Oju’ means ‘faces’ in the Yoruba language from Nigeria.

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The bumbling fool putting on a nappy backwards. The lazy oaf who’s left the DIY job untouched for five years. The snoring ogre, fast asleep while his kids wreck the house.

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The flat-pack filter

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IKEA is a great place for young people to buy tables/ chairs/ shelves/ ice cube trays. Instagram is a great place for young people to share photos of their food/ trainers/ post-work pint (#longday). So it was only a matter of time before the two paths crossed, which they did in Russia recently.

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Brief encounters

We’ve all been there (well, fifty per cent of our readers probably have). You put on your bestest, frilliest, laciest, naughtiest underwear, put up with discomfort all evening, only for everything to be whipped off in seconds and discarded on the floor in the heat of the moment.

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Disloyalty cards

There’s always been something quite appealing about the idea of walking into your local coffee shop and hearing the words “Just your usual?”

But now, Washington D.C.’s Peregrine Espresso coffee shop is trying to make us break our habits and try somewhere new – five other coffee shops, in fact. (Thanks, Harl.)

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Breaking the (jelly) mould

Naming’s something we’ve done our fair share of here. Be it descriptive, associative, or abstract, we know a trick or two. So we assumed that Jelly – the latest app from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone that combines search engines and social media – falls very much into the abstract category.

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Selfie confidence

Have you studied your face in photos to find the best angle? Do you wish your nose/eyes/chin were smaller/bigger/better? Is your instinct to pull duck face whenever the lens is near?

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Turn up the beats

There was a time when Andre Romelle Young was better known for his ‘mild frustration’ with the Greater Los Angeles Police department. But in more recent years Young (aka Dr Dre) has transformed himself thanks to Beats – his range of headphones that became a range of speakers that have now launched a new digital music service. (Word to Jamie C.)

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Top of the Shops

Christmas is over. The sales are gone. And finally shops have removed the annual bombardment of Cosby, Wham and Wizard from their in-store playlists. Music has returned to normal. Or has it?

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Healthy Corner Store

Going to the corner shop for sweets is a special treat for most children. But in Philadelphia, the poorest and most obese city in the US, researchers found that half the kids in low-income neighbourhoods shop at corner stores twice a day.

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