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Growing trends in packaging

Living fruit basket

After travelling a few thousand miles in a refrigerated container, fresh fruit and vegetables start to seem somehow less than fresh. Chances are, they’ve lost a lot of their nutritional value along the way too.

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I want caffeine, and I want it now

I want caffeine

Inching your way through early morning traffic can be a pretty bruising start to the day. Not on the roads. Or even on the subway. But before you make it out of Starbucks. Gridlocked between a breakfast panini and a pumpkin spice latte, you’re likely to get more than a little grouchy.

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Plane sailing

Plane sailing
Left your passport at home? KLM will pick it up. Not sure whether to take a cardi on your summer hols? Check the KLM tailored weather report. In danger of missing your flight? Let KLM collect you on a motorbike – even if you’re flying with a different airline.

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We all scream for ice cream

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 11.04.27

It doesn’t matter how old you are, the tinkling chimes of an ice cream van never fails to excite the child in us. But what if you don’t have any change? Or you’ve just got out the shower? Or you’re trying to avoid your touchy feely neighbour who is also legging it outside in eager anticipation?

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Psychic shopping

What was your postcode five years ago? Amazon knows. What did you get your dad for his birthday last year? Amazon knows that too. What are you thinking about buying when payday comes around? Scarily, there’s a good chance Amazon knows that too.

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Network Mail

Whilst Amazon has created a bit of a buzz with their Octo-copter drones delivering packages through the skies, Network Rail have hit back by taking to the tracks. With over 1.5 billion train journeys made on the network every year Doddle (as it is known) allows commuters to pick up their parcels with their pasty on the way home from work.

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Meet WunWun

Now-a-days, thanks to Siri and PalmPilot, it’s pretty common to have a personal assistant. Having said this, these assistants aren’t being adopted as widely as their creators intended. WunWun, which stands for ‘what you need, when you need it,’ is hoping to change that.

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Last week, Polaroid rolled out a retail-store concept at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The store uses ‘patent-pending, proprietary technology’ – allowing customers to select photos on their camera phones and transmit them wirelessly to ‘bar-top workstations’ for printing and framing.

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