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Fashionable crunch

Fashion gets a sweet tooth this Christmas with a US limited edition Nestlé Crunch Paul Frank chocolate bar, available only in Target. The collaboration marks the designer’s debut in the confections retail environment.

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Choc rock ‘n’ roll

Lake Champlain Chocolates hooked up with recording artists Grace Potter and the Nocturnals for a first time collaboration between rock and roll and chocolate. The special edition chocolate bar is designed to feel like a piece of classic rock memorabilia.


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Have your cake and ice it

The BreadTalk Group (a fast-expanding Singapore bakery chain) has recently opened their latest venture – the Icing Room. Tucked away in a fashionable corner of Jurong Point, this specialty cake shop brings you splendid confectioneries, hand-made from the finest ingredients and enchantingly crafted to charm your taste buds. (Cheers, Dom.)

It also offers a Design-It-Yourself cake decorating service where you can choose from a range of decorative designs, toppings, ribbons and candles to add your own personal touch to the cake of your choice. Almost as though you baked it yourself.

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A break from the norm

How has Kit Kat become Japan’s number one confectionery brand? With some highly creative local marketing. Nestle has launched 19 unique varieties of Kit Kat, available only in Japan, which reflect the local produce and palate of each region. Flavours include miso, soy sauce and green tea, as well as more regional flavours such as yuzu fruit and red potatoes. By selling each flavour only in the region for which it was created, the limited edition packaging has also become sought-after souvenirs for travellers. (Cheers, Em.)

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Season’s eatings


If your office is anything like ours, you’ll already be ploughing through the Christmas chocolates. If you’re looking for something to savour, how’s about Artisan du Chocolat’s latest offering? Their chocolate snowglobes will make very toothsome decorations, if you can hold yourself back long enough to appreciate their kitsch good looks. Here’s how Gerard Coleman and Anne Weyns, the chocolatier and business brains behind the atelier, describe them: ‘Marvellous edible decorations, shake them (not too hard!) and you can hear the caramel, cocoa nibs and biscuit bits inside soon to be eaten. Our globes are made in milk or dark chocolate and decorated in edible silver and gold with a snowy London landscape, Santa sleigh or winter trees. Unfortunately they are too fragile to send but reserve your adorable and delicious kitsch globes to pick up in our Chelsea, Notting Hill or Selfridges shops from Nov 1.’

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A breath of fresh air

Hint Mint was founded on the idea that simple objects (like a tin of mints) can also be beautiful lifestyle accessories.

Calling themselves the original designer mint, Hint Mint turn a commodity product associated with bad breath into a ‘designer breath accessory’, and describe their mints as a ‘gesture of kindness’, hinting to potential buyers that they ‘need this mint’.

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Milking the obvious


The Milka cow is a well-known icon for the famous chocolate. So if the cow looks like the packaging, it makes perfect sense for the chocolate to look like the cow.
(Thanks, Wadey, for yet more insights from Poland.)

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Colour crafting – too simple to ‘own’?


Bold, modern typography, like Chocolat Factory’s packaging, has a super-simple, stripped down approach. But is this its primary flaw? This popular look, if applied without enough of a differentiating element, can end up looking generic. Colour blocking is great for differentiating flavours, but something else has to be going on to create an ‘ownable’ design.

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