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The postman always brings rice

It started with books. Then came films. And games. And toys and toiletries and clothes and pretty-much-everything-you-can-think-of-except-groceries. Until now. In Seattle and LA, at least. Yes, online giants Amazon have taken a second bite at the cherry by launching their grocery service in Los Angeles. (Hats tipped towards Em.)

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Scan and Go

Soon, Walmart shoppers at more than 200 stores will be able to use their iPhones to scan their items and pay for them at self-checkout counters – as the retail giant expands its Scan & Go pilot programme. (Nice one, Tim) Read more on Scan and Go…

Queue skipping

QThru is a mobile-enabled technology that allows shoppers to skip the checkout lanes by using their smartphones to shop, scan and pay. (Cheers Jamie)






Shoppers can view in-store specials, get product details such as nutritional information, view their personally-created shopping list and access a running total of their spending so far. To complete the checkout process, shoppers simply enter a passcode and scan a QR code at a checkout kiosk, which then generates a receipt that’s highlighted in a different colour for review by a store employee at the door. Simple. In theory, anyway!

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Digital nonsense

Online shopping is often a frustrating experience, as explored in these three hilarious videos produced by Google Analytics (Cheers, Zoe). The videos demonstrate how ‘missteps on the digital shelf’, e.g. landing page optimisation and data capture, would look in real life. While we accept these challenges online, they would drive us mad if they happened while we shopped – as demonstrated below, with amusing consequences!

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Eggs, milk, insurance…

Next year, the Affordable Care Act will come into effect in the US. This Act will help to protect consumers – providing new coverage options and giving them the tools they need to make informed decisions. Facing stiff competition, UnitedHealthcare, HealthPartners, Blue Cross and Blue Shield are all opening retail sales locations at malls and pharmacies around the US, with the hope of attracting new customers in a different way.

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Tiny vending

A tiny vending machine, designed to dispense healthy snacks for toddlers, has been launched by food brand Ella’s Kitchen. Standing 115 cm tall, with ‘bespoke features’ to help little hands access their own nutritious treats, the dispenser was designed with the average 1-year-old (and their parents) in mind.

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Phone a friend

OwnFone is a light, low-cost mobile phone. You design your handset online, choose the colour scheme and pre-set it with a number of phone numbers. When you want to call someone, you simply need to press their name – making this the ideal handset for young people.

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The clever people at Amazon UK have recruited 5,000 corner shops to act as pickup depots for their customers.

The Amazon shipments will be delivered to convenient shops with late opening hours, where customers can return items too. The shops have chosen to participate in the hope that customers will buy some groceries when they pick up their shipments – which means that everyone can reap the benefits.

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Stock up your man cave!

An Upper West Side grocery store launched the city’s first ‘man aisle’ yesterday. Everything a guy could need – from condoms to steak sauce – is grouped together, saving him the arduous task of hunter-gathering all around the store (cheers Harl and Tim).

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A quick break

Japanese city dwellers are inundated with ‘zero’ products of all varieties, as they strive to lose a few pounds and get in better shape in the midst of a ‘metabo’ slump (Japan’s metabolic law to fend off increasing health costs). Since beverages and snacks are part of office life, much has been done in these areas.

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