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Call the local shots

Call the local shots

Global recipe; local taste. That’s the formula behind Pernod Ricard’s brand ‘Our/Vodka’. And it seems to be working a dream.

After launching in Berlin, Our/Vodka has just found its way to American soil, starting with Our/Detroit. The idea is simple: fund local micro-distilleries and give local entrepreneurs the freedom to make the brand their own.

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Clicks and mortar

Online shopping’s all very well. But what if you want to touch, sniff and try before you buy? To prove the high street isn’t completely dead, online marketplace Storenvy has opened a shop for their online traders, allowing them to sell their wares in the real world.

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Quaffing Gravy

Behold, another new beer is born. Created by two friends, UK craft beer brand Quaffing Gravy is described an ‘easy-drinking pale ale’ with a ‘more hoppy flavour’.

Its logo was hand-drawn by a tattoo artist, and the labels have been screen-printed directly onto the bottles. The result? A beer founders Ben and Narra hope will look just as good on the dinner table as it will behind the bar.

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Tailor-made tales

Once it was true that ‘clothes maketh the man’. Now it’s more like ‘clothes talketh to woman’. Burberry Prorrsum follows the 2012 launch of its pre-season Made to Order service with Smart Personalisation chips, sewn into each item. (Cheers Jamie.)

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Corporate crafting

As an independent artist or designer, selling your goods in bulk can often be a challenge. Etsy, ‘the world’s most vibrant online marketplace’, realised this – and created a new platform where artists and designers can connect with professional buyers to sell larger quantities of their goods, for sale in retail stores. ‘Etsy Wholesale’ is launching in beta soon, with the aim of creating a network where artists, designers and buyers can all benefit from each other’s expertise.

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Spend a penny in style

When Pete Tomlinson and Ben Russell spotted the ‘to rent’ sign on an underground Victorian toilet, they saw the opportunity to create something new on the London coffee scene.
Instead of erasing all memories of its previous function, they chose to renovate the space – keeping the 1890s Doulton & Co. urinals, maintaining the original iron-wrought cladding and creating the perfect subterranean café.

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Saddle up

Iconic saddle manufacturer Brooks invited design students from the Royal College of Art to participate in a project – using existing materials and processes from their factory in Smethwick, England to create entirely new products. The students created everything from saddle bags to contemporary leather goggles – proving that recycling can be innovative and stylish. (Nice find, John)

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Hot stamped!

Ever wonder how long that loaf of bread has been sitting on the bakery shelf? Minimart Pressbyran (kind of like the Swedish equivalent of 7-Eleven) have developed a clever way to show customers just how fresh their hot buns are – by stamping the time of baking directly onto their bottoms.

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Do you ever step into a bookstore and find yourself overwhelmed by the selection?
If you live in Toronto, The Monkey’s Paw (a second-hand bookstore) has a wonderful solution: the Biblio-Mat. Feed the lovingly hand-constructed machine $2, and the pulley-system will dispense a random title for your reading pleasure. The perfect solution for indecisive book lovers! (Good spot, Polly!)

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Drink up, listen up

Is it beer marketing music or music marketing beer? Professor Green is releasing not only his latest single but also a beer called Remedy, crafted in conjunction with Signature Brew (cheers Elliot).

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