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Market on a mission

Though the specific foods on sale might differ between a Kroger and a Whole Foods, the template is the same: cavernous spaces jammed with thousands of choices, ending with the checkout counter shamble. Local Mission Market, a new San Francisco store, tosses that entire model in favour of rethinking grocery shopping as a user experience. (Cheers Tim)

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Putting the Tea in cocktail

There was a time when tea was tea. You put milk in it. Maybe some sugar. You drank it. Then we discovered different blends like Earl Grey and Lapsang souchong. Then came Oolong, Darjeeling, Jasmine, Chamomile, Peppermint, Green, White, Redbush, and a thousand other fruity flavours.

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Smells like industrial strength spirit

‘Nerds’ have been responsible for many of mankind’s greatest achievements. The microchip, the moon landing, and Furbies to name a few. Now, according to the Industry City Distillery website, they’re also responsible for the unique flavour of Industry Standard vodka.

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Respect the grape

This ‘tell it as it is’ label says it all! A clever way to say ‘quality’ without being pompous.

Goat caramels

Billed as a ‘farmstead confectionery’, Vermont’s Big Picture Farms is dedicated to blending the sweet creamy goodness of goat milk into candy. As founder Louisa Conrad explains, the short fatty acid chains found in goat’s milk make for a smoother taste in their caramels. Conrad runs the business with her husband Lucas Farrell – both trained artists who have since turned to goat farming, cheese-making and confections.

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Recipe for depression

Good news for wine buffs and cocktail fans: the guys behind Hendrick’s Gin and Sailor Jerry (Quaker City Mercantile) have created their first wine – White Mule Farms Spodee.

Spodee is a Depression-era recipe for wine, fortified with moonshine. It comes in an old-timey milk bottle, and strangely enough can be mixed like a spirit. Apparently, Spodee and Sody (Coca-Cola) is also sublime. Cheers!

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Urban Beautification

It’s a little-known fact that if you study the pavement in 95% of Japan’s 1,780 municipalities, you’ll find artistic manhole covers – unique to each city and town (great spot, Oli in London).

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Beard beauty

As the fashion of rugged refinement grips the menswear scene, grooming products have had to accommodate a new cosmetic: beard oil (one especially for Fitzrovian hipsters Oli and Nile.) Part cologne, part conditioner, beard oil has become a popular alternative to cream-based conditioners, adding just the right amount of shine and musky fragrance to manly mugs.

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Beer to go

Moscow design student Ivan Maximov has created a new identity for takeaway beer from a chain of football pubs called Mug.

Similar to takeaway coffee, “Take Away Beer Makes the Atmosphere” consists of recyclable paper cups in a cardboard carrier. A sticker on the lid identifies the brew and the date it was filled. The carrier notes that the beer is ‘Handcrafted with courage’.

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Meet the makers

A fleet of new cultural, fashion and food / wine products are bringing back a refined blokey-ness to Melbourne. Check out these low-key offerings, bringing back the spirit of the ‘50s bachelor minus the sexism, but double the swagger. (Bonza, Joe).

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