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Flat pack hotels

IKEA’s real estate branch Inter Hospitality and Marriott International Inc have partnered to create and launch a brand new economy-class hotel brand called MOXY.

Surprisingly, the hotels won’t be stocked with IKEA furniture – but the company has developed a number of innovative construction techniques to keep costs down. Created for the ‘next generation traveller’, the hotels will be popping up in or around office parks, airports and train stations, many of them featuring a neutral ‘eco-style’ theme.

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Lucky dip dinners

Visit Lucky Days café in York and, if you throw a six on their giant dice, you get your meal for just £1. (Smart Tim). It might sound too good to be true, but there’s no catch – and the café is already tempting hungry diners with good food for a fraction of the menu price. If you’re feeling lucky (and hungry) then why not pay them a visit.

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Wear now, buy later

To maintain their premium image in India, Levi’s Jeans has had a great idea. Rather than reduce prices, they’ve partnered with local banks to offer payment plans so that people can pay for their jeans in three monthly instalments at 0% interest. There’s been terrific industry and consumer response, with lots of PR and buzz.

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Recently, we’ve seen Benetton take up the cause for unemployed youth. Now here’s another example of optimism striking back! Irina Block is an art director who’s looking for a job. In her downtime, she’s designed some ‘funemployed’ buttons and printed her CV on a t-shirt. (Cheers, Tim)

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Unemployee of the Year

United Colors of Benetton has launched a new advertising initiative supporting unemployed youth. The Unemployee of the Year campaign features people between the ages of 18 and 30 who are currently not in work or education. (Cheers, Jamie)

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Rent my ride

Whether your car won’t start or disaster has struck public transport, there are times you need to get your hands on a car fast. Renting a car when you need it most can be expensive and difficult to arrange when you’re at the mercy of the major car hire firms. But now, thanks to, you can find a neighbour who’s willing to rent you theirs.

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Close to the bone

A new company called Dollar Shave Club has captured the internet’s attention with a low-cost, viral ad laced with deadpan humour. (Cheers, Tet.)

The company’s CEO, Michael Dubin, promises to deliver $1 razors (plus $2 for shipping and handling) to people every month. The video, called ‘Our Blades Are F***ing Great’ features a debonair Dubin strutting through an office and warehouse, making a case for the novelty concept. ‘Do you like spending $20 a month on razors? $19 goes to Roger Federer,’ Dubin asks, knocking Gillette’s famous-athlete promos.

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Layaway: the sequel

The economic climate has brought back layaway. For the uninitiated, layaway lets cash-strapped people put a purchase on hold and pay it off in instalments. When the balance is paid, the customer gets to take their item home. US retailers like Walmart, Kmart and Toys R’ Us started promoting their layaway programs long before the 2011 holiday shopping season. According to BIGInsight’s Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, more than one in 10 consumers planned to use layaway for Christmas 2011. (Cheers Joe)

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Food, to boot

Community organisation, The Bootstrap Company, has launched a series of pop-up food markets in Dalston, collectively called The Long Table, which places emphasis on conviviality and using local producers.

The project will use collaborators from London’s finest street food and restaurants, including Nuno Mendes from the Loft Project and Moro. This is a great example of Conviviality Culture.

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Uniquely Uniqlo

As part of the Regent Street relaunch, Uniqlo added some interesting little features to their newly refurbished store. Not least of which included the ‘happy machine’ that appeared in the middle of the store.

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