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Animal magic

Great Little Place, or GLP, is a crowd-powered collection of nothing but the world’s greatest little places. They think dull chains are rubbish, so this is their shout-out for the little guy. It can be any type of place – bars, museums, restaurants, galleries, more – but all with that certain something special in common. And most importantly, it’s created and curated by ‘the people’, making everything on there a personal recommendation. Sort of like your digital friend in the know. (Thanks, Jamie C)

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The exquisite forest

This is an online collaborative project from Aaron Koblin and Chris Milk. Produced by Tate and Google, and about to be installed at Tate Modern, it allows people to create their own animations.

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A krush on crowd-sourcing

Crowd-sourcing continues to develop. Krush is an internet start-up that lets brands tap into feedback offered by consumers and fans to predict demand for their upcoming lines. Users can browse for future styles and products and vote for their favourite items online, which helps brands make decisions about which items to produce. (Thanks, Alex.)

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Get your Groupon

America is in a group-buying trend that’s sure to spread. The fact that market leader Groupon spurned Google’s $6bn bid suggests its founder sees big opportunity ahead.

The group-buying craze has spawned hundreds of clones and threatens to overwhelm people’s inboxes with ‘Daily Deals.’ Groupon announced plans to personalise deals according to zip code and has hired a programmer from Netflix, the king of personal recommendations.


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