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War-torn toy

Massoud Hassani’s extraordinary ‘Mine Kafon’ is a giant, wind-powered, bamboo-framed, toy-inspired sphere which – with the aid of GPS – rolls over unexploded landmines and tracks the clear, safer paths that it leaves behind. Hassani developed the piece after reflecting on his childhood in Kabul and the toys that he played with, which were often blown by the wind into dangerous areas known to contain landmines. (Nice find, Alex)

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Art for the people

A mysterious French artist who transforms some of the world’s most downtrodden slums with his haunting large-scale photographs has won the TED prize for his humanitarian work. (Cheers Tet, our newbie in NY.)

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Redesigning the downturn

Last spring, as retail sales were tanking worldwide, Italian design firm Alessi ramped things up. And recently, at its flagship NY Soho store, the company announced that it would unveil three collections in 2010 instead of the usual two, so as to accommodate the firm’s record number of products.

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From beer to books

What began as an assemblage of 1,000 empty beer cartons pulled together by residents in East Germany has now evolved into an incredible open-air public library.

Designed by Karo Architekten in collaboration with local residents, the grassroots project revitalises a post-industrial district in Magdeburg, Germany by creating a cultural centre and pop-up library where books are free to take and leave 24 hours a day.

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Philanthropy is so this season, darlings

How can you help shoppers feel less guilty when shopping for luxury? One of the hottest new stores in Paris, Merci, is fusing fashion with philanthropy. The store’s light, loft-like space is as trendy as any other concept store, and stocks brands such as Stella McCartney, special versions of Annick Goutal perfume, flowers and used books.

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The shape of things to come

Hurricanes and tornadoes wreak havoc with housing. Straight walls and traditionally shaped roofs mean pressures can build up to such an extent that damage is inevitable. It’s not unusual for those roofs simply to be torn off.

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How can you verify ‘it’s all for a good cause’?

Vendors and manufacturers have long been using product life stories to demonstrate their sustainability.

Now, Dutch nonprofit, Made-By, is making this easier by tracking and documenting the efforts of participating fashion brands.

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