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Tailor-made tales

Once it was true that ‘clothes maketh the man’. Now it’s more like ‘clothes talketh to woman’. Burberry Prorrsum follows the 2012 launch of its pre-season Made to Order service with Smart Personalisation chips, sewn into each item. (Cheers Jamie.)

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A new form of storytelling

Check out these columns in the West Lobby of Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas. Created with LCD monitors behind a mirror, each column updates in real-time – featuring works of art and moving images. The columns also connect to virtual spaces on the internet, creating a ‘live’ conversation.

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A krush on crowd-sourcing

Crowd-sourcing continues to develop. Krush is an internet start-up that lets brands tap into feedback offered by consumers and fans to predict demand for their upcoming lines. Users can browse for future styles and products and vote for their favourite items online, which helps brands make decisions about which items to produce. (Thanks, Alex.)

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Swedes and smartphones

IKEA recently launched the 62nd version of their annual catalogue – an interactive edition, which allows consumers to access additional content through their smartphones and tablets.

The system is really accessible – you simply download the IKEA app, select the scanning feature then scan the smartphone symbol. You’re then linked to a film, photo gallery or other extra content, allowing you to make an informed decision about your furniture before you head to the store for your meatballs.

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The world’s most innovative mayo

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise, São Paulo, have created a campaign that offers shoppers bespoke recipes based on the contents of their shopping cart – generating a 44% sales increase in just one month.

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Seoul’s sunny sale

Korean company ‘E-mart’ recently placed innovative 3D QR code sculptures throughout the city of Seoul. These smart sculptures could only be scanned between 12-1pm each day – giving consumers access to discounts during the quieter shopping hours.

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Shady display

NYC’s Bloomingdale’s has installed six interactive window displays where people can try on sunglasses virtually. The displays have LCD screens that identify the location of a viewer’s eyes and place a selection of sunglasses onto their face. Each window is dedicated to a different designer, from Marc Jacobs to Gucci, with four sunglasses available per screen. If the window shopper likes what they see, they can press a print button which sends a picture of themselves in their desired glasses to the ‘Sunglasses Style Bar’ where a sales-assistant will help them purchase the real thing.

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Magic mirror

Now you can multi-task while getting ready in the morning with the Cybertecture Mirror.  Designed by Hong Kong-based James Law, the mirror features a digital display with programmable applications like a weather widget (so you can dress for the right temperature) and a news widget (for catching up on the headlines while you brush your teeth).
Other features include a built-in video player that plays TV programmes and an exercise app that brings up your workout stats to help you keep your reflection in check.

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Designer QR

QR codes may lead to exciting destinations, but they look pretty dull. With millions of these little black and white squares appearing on adverts, magazines and packaging, designer codes stand out from the crowd and get customers scanning. Think about it: codes are a gateway into the brand and should be treated that way.

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Another clever app idea

Location-based messaging services let users leave digital messages for each other at specific locations, and could be a great way of reaching out to potential customers – wherever they are in the world. Dutch Repudo is one such service. (Cheers, Zoe)

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