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Pizza Hero

Domino’s Pizza US has released Pizza Hero, an iPad app that lets people knead, sprinkle and slice a pizza of their choosing. The goal is to make your virtual pizza as quickly as possible to score the most points – if you make it past level five, other players can rate your performance. And if you get hungry along the way, there’s a tab to make a quick order.

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Digital falls

Currently on display in a shopping centre in Quito, Ecuador is the Coca-Cola Cascada exhibit, a giant 52-foot digital waterfall that offers an interactive 3D experience. No special glasses needed to see the colourful 3D bursts of falling water. What’s more, viewers can interact with the installation by having their motions captured and mirrored on the waterfall—their movements actually affect how the water falls—as they stand inside a special hub area facing a screen. The aim is to encourage young customers to participate rather than standby and watch.

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Smart Boots

Adidas recently released its new intelligent soccer boot – the adizero f50 miCoach. It features a space for the miCoach Speed Cell, a tracking device that records speed, sprint times, distance and stride rates.

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Social shopping

TheStyleCure, created by a former MySpace VP, aims to recreate the experience of friends going shopping. The site is powered by Shopstyle and displays over one million products from 300 stores across 7,000 brands. Users can search by clothing type and refine by brand, store, sale, price and colour. One click saves favourite items into a stream, which can be viewed and commented on by friends. Users can also shop for their friends by posting items to their Facebook wall. The concept is simple but provides a convenient space to create a wish list of clothes and accessories, which can be purchased by clicking through on the item.

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Cookie fever

The virtual and real world of cookies combine in German company Qkies QR-coded biscuits. After ordering Qkies cookie mix online, you can make, bake and decorate the cookies using the enclosed QR codes on edible paper. You can then scan the code on your smartphone to be led to a personalised webpage featuring messages, photos or videos.

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‘In a moment’

Or Inamo as the pioneering Oriental fusion restaurant and bar is called, has as its core idea an interactive ordering system. On your table is a screen, where by pointing and clicking you can find your menu, see pictures of each item, and order. (Many thanks to Ian.)

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Collaborative storytelling – The Johnny Cash Project

The Johnny Cash Project is a global collaborative effort to make a video for Cash’s final studio recording using hundreds of portraits of the iconic artist.

The drawings are crowdsourced using an online tool similar to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, which randomly selects three frames for the contributor to choose from and draw. Take a look at the video: Read more on Collaborative storytelling – The Johnny Cash Project…

Click & Collect

Coles Online is trialling its Click & Collect offering at an express petrol station along a primary commuter route outside Melbourne. (Many thanks to Christiaane Santos)

In the morning, customers can make their order online and collect it on their way home. The concept takes online grocery shopping convenience to a new level, as the battle for online supremacy in Australia heats up between Coles and Woolworths.

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Deluxe unplugged

Marriott’s Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel is helping people unplug and recharge with their “Zen and the Art of Detox” weekend package.

At check-in, participating guests surrender their laptop, iPhone and other digital devices for safekeeping until departure. Literary classics and other forms of analog entertainment fill the digital void inside deluxe king rooms. Package rates vary between $199 – 399 per night.

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From group to tribe

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