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Spirits distiller Pernod and music/fashion label KitsunĂ© are collaborating on a series of products that span both brands’ expertise. The French companies have collaborated to create a bottle design for Pernod Absinthe, and a collection of similarly branded apparel and accessories.

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Drink up, listen up

Is it beer marketing music or music marketing beer? Professor Green is releasing not only his latest single but also a beer called Remedy, crafted in conjunction with Signature Brew (cheers Elliot).

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A fishy tale

Veuve Clicquot has released a limited edition of its famous Brut Yellow Label in a bright-coloured sardine tin. The sardine reference has a long history of association with the champagne label.

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Barriers to love

Guarana Antartica, the most famous guarana-based drink in Brazil, has created a social app that allows users to help friends who are struggling to get over ex-lovers. (Thanks Charlotte, Singapore).


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A corking idea

The highlight of Hong Kong wine store and bar, Amo Eno, is a touchscreen table, which the store’s connoisseur customers can use to explore flavour profiles, compare grape varieties and contrast regions. The table is available by appointment for the bar’s card-carrying members. By swiping their membership card over the table, they can not only buy wines but also post their favourites to Facebook.

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Buying someone a drink in person is nice, but buying someone a drink via Twitter is, well, unusual. (Thanks, Zoe.)

Online networking app Tweet-A-Beer hopes to change that and make paying for other Twitter users’ drinks more of a habit.

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Absolut India

Absolut have bottled the sound of India in an experiential installation at the India Art Fair.

Whenever someone walks near a bottle, a quintessential sound of India is triggered – the listener has to lean in close to hear it properly. As people work their way around the installation, the different sounds create a personal Indian journey for each listener.

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Eau de Moonshine

As brave new men seek out manicures and facials, a growing number of guys are looking back in time for style and grooming cues. Moonshine is a new fragrance for men who want to evoke an age where being a man was simpler (and maybe a little more dangerous). Created by three fraternity brothers from Georgia, the perfume has a fragrant mix of spicy black pepper, tobacco, leather and gin. The packaging – wrapped in burlap and packed in a wooden crate – has pure Prohibition-era attitude.

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Recycled groove

Red Stripe kicked off its ‘Make Something From Nothing’ campaign in London with a unique sound installation piece by Yuri Suzuki. Standing 2.5 metres high and fully functional, the installation is made entirely of salvaged Red Stripe cans from last year’s Notting Hill Carnival.

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Sub-culture brew

Alcohol brands and compelling product stories go hand in hand. Doss Blockos pale lager tells the story of the gritty, lo-fi squat scene of 90s New York.


Created by Melbourne-based East Ninth Brewing Company, the lager evokes the sub-culture of art, music, partying and home brewing that the squat fraternities were famous for. It’s named after the Dos Blockos building, a famous NYC squat, and each bottle is wrapped in a brown paper bag, a nod to hiding alcohol from the police. The lager is stripped back with a malty flavor and 4.6% ABV.



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