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A stimulating read

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Anyone fancy a brew?

Four words that are often whispered in our studios around the world. Saying it any louder can result in an order that would challenge even the most skilful of baristas. But following their alarm-clock cap Nescafe have found another innovative way to help people enjoy a nice brew. (Chink chink, Damo.)

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Quintessentially manly branding

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You can imagine the marketing men for New England brewery Narrangansett muttering, “We’re gonna need a bigger brand.”

Enter Quint, the squint-eyed, shark-hunting antihero from Jaws. Played with chilling charisma by Robert Shaw, he embodies pure manliness on the open seas. And he also glugs down a ‘Gansett or two during the movie.

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The Good (BBQ) Book

Summer. Sandals with socks. Grown ups running like school children away from wasps. Men standing proudly over their BBQs as they turn high-quality food into low-grade carbon.

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What do you call a group of pandas? It’s not a joke from an ice-lolly stick (although feel free to send witty answers on the back of a postcard). The answer is, there isn’t an answer. Pandas don’t have a collective noun because they’re rarely spotted together. Until now.

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Mind the flat-pack

Ladies and gentlemen, we have now arrived in soft furnishings. Change here for bathroom fittings and interior lighting. To celebrate the new IKEA opening near Tachikawa station in Japan, the masters of flat-pack have decked out an entire train with furnishings from the store.

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Winning in a winter wonderland

Real athletes aren’t put off by rain. Or hail. Or even four foot of slushy snow. Making the rest of us feel like wimps, Nike’s latest campaign pits leading US athletes against their toughest competition yet: the weather.

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Pin early for Christmas

He used to make a list. He used to check it twice. He used to find out who’s naughty and nice. Not so these days, as Santa (2.0) can now hop onto Topshop’s new Pinterest site and find out what everyone’s after for Christmas.

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Raising the steaks

We’ve seen ads stuck on beards. Drawn onto women’s legs. And now, laser-etched into a slab of raw meat.

Industrial and interaction designer Ivy Hu created this meaty poster for the IDEO web development series Digital Chops. Not only is it beautifully laid out; it also includes teeny tiny details about the event.

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Everything for U

Toaster – check. Kettle – check. Bed, sofa, lampshade, desk, linen, pictures, cushions, chairs, glasses, cutlery – check. Spotting the trend for freshers heading off to university with more than just the bare necessities, Target has launched a back-to-college marketing campaign called ‘Everything for U’.

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First-class bench

For most of us, turning left on a plane is a distant dream. But, thanks to Virgin Atlantic, a few lucky New Yorkers got to experience what it’s like to travel First Class without coughing up hundreds of dollars. And without stepping foot in an airport.

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