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Make a date with a mug

The direct-mail desk calendar. A tired old cliché if there ever was one, and certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. Until now, and Hälssen & Lyon’s beautifully-crafted tea calendar, which they sent out to a few lucky business partners. Each removable day is a wafer thin slice of premium pressed tea leaves, which can be popped into your cup with hot water for the perfect daily brew.

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Beer turnstile

In London, we swipe in and out of the underground with an Oyster. In Hong Kong, they prefer to use an Octopus. So what do Rio Carnival revellers use? Beer cans, of course, thanks to official carnival sponsor Antarctica Beer. It’s an effective way to discourage drink driving during the famous Fat Tuesday celebrations.

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Home sweet station

The lights are on and hundreds of commuters are home. To show-off its new home décor range, Target built a life-size dollhouse in Grand Central Station.






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Local ice cream heroes

Every year, on 9th April, Ben & Jerry’s celebrates the opening of their first business by giving away free ice-cream for the whole day. To celebrate in the Netherlands this year, the brand asked people to vote for their local heroes via a social media campaign.

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Make a baby, save a bundle

Clever IKEA Australia. This month they produced this amusing advert, offering a free crib for babies born nice months from Valentine’s Day. Wonder how many newly expectant parents will take them up on the offer! (tx Amy)

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Pimp your porta-potty

We’ve all experienced the misery of camping or festival toilets. The smell, the mud, the lack of toilet paper…horrible. Luckily for the people of Argentina, the organisers of ‘Personal Fest’ music festival have taken a stand – transforming this neglected area into a significantly more enjoyable experience.

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Have a break, don’t have WiFi

No, they haven’t got the copy wrong. This week in Amsterdam, Kit Kat are offering free No Wifi Zones in Amsterdam – echoing their ‘Have a break…’ campaign message. Customers in the designated zones are unable to use WiFi as the signal is blocked within a five-metre radius, with the aim of encouraging real conversations and a less stressful, work-free environment.

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Want to smell like a Crème Egg?

Interesting NPD ideas from Cadbury on their Facebook Timeline! (Tasty, Jamie)










Via. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151205039385079&set=a.441333980078.235608.42941780078&type=1&theater

Give better

TOMS have always been great at giving – donating one pair of their shoes to a person in need for every pair purchased. Now, they’ve launched their first GIVE Shop – an experiential event held at The Old Truuman Brewery, where you’re taken on a journey of giving. This involves six major activities, including a craft space for making Christmas cards, a book exchange and ‘Give SMILES’ – a place to relive and cherish happy memories.

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Make a date with whisky

This holiday season, instead of finding a sickly piece of chocolate behind the cardboard doors of your advent calendar, upgrade to man level! (Cheers, Elliot)

The Whisky Advent Calendar provides you with holiday cheer every day, in the form of a tiny bottle of booze. One ‘door’ even includes a micro-dram of $550 single malt scotch – the perfect winter warmer on a chilly morning!

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