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You can coco

You can coco

The times when the chocolate urge hits are usually the times when you can’t really be bothered to trudge down to the shops. What if you could, say, just download some chocolate? Like, print it out and get guzzling? All without moving from your desk / sofa / duvet? Mike TV and Willy Wonka though it was a pretty good idea. And Hershey does too.

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Can’t afford lunch? Yes you can

Can’t afford lunch 1

Summer in Stockholm. It’s great to be young, free and totally irresponsible with your cash. Because here, even though you may have squandered your bus fare home, at least you won’t starve.

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The Wait is Over

Queues. They’re quintessentially English, long and disorganised, and yet it seems we’ll queue for pretty much anything. Be it in an online or physical queue, nobody is overly excited by the thought of playing the waiting game. Who wants to queue for two hours at Alton Towers? Shout, a new app that turns queues into a marketplace, could revolutionise this. (Nice push, Tim.)
Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 10.53.14

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Big blue chef

Computational creativity. Two words that should send a shiver down the spine of anyone who works in a creative department. Sure, computers can beat us at chess, but humans will always be able to design a better logo.

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Snap Happy

Ever since the first photo was taken, there’s been the desire to take something out of them. Whether that’s an intimate couple accidentally snapped on your beautiful beach sunset, or a helpful stranger photobombing your party pics, removing these blemishes is a lot more difficult than capturing them.

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Word up

Words are integral to our lifestyles, and writers, linguists and philosophers have waxed lyrical on their importance. But how often do we contemplate a word for all its meaning and worth?

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World’s first invisible ad

To promote its product, deodorant company Axe/Lynx created the world’s first invisible ad. (Cheers, Ify!)

Using hack LCD screens and a terrace house in Sydney, the company created ads that were only visible when viewed only through polarized sunglasses. ??Watch the video below to check out how it worked and what the invisible ads were about:

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Coca-Cola cheer

Coca-Cola deserves a round of applause for its latest mobile effort: The Cheering Truck (tx Elliot).

Outfitted with a recording booth, the red Coca-Cola truck drove throughout Argentina, stopping in select spots and inviting fans (sometimes whole school’s worth of them) to step inside and have their cheers captured on tape. As more sound files were stowed away, a digital sign outside the truck counted the number of cheers as it crept towards the one million mark.

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Good deed decadence

Danish chocolate brand Anthon Berg opened a pop-up chocolate shop for a day where people paid with the promise of a good deed, rather than cash or credit. “The Generous Store” in Copenhagen priced its boxes of chocolates with over 30 different good deeds, including serving breakfast in bed to a loved one and cleaning a friend’s house.

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Cyclist chic hits the road

In celebration of Levi’s 511 Commuter line leg-wear, designed for commuting cyclists, the Levi’s and Urban Outfitters Bike Shop went on a nationwide US tour. The free public event featured bike tuning with an expert mechanic, customised Levi’s Commuter tailoring, a DIY bike bag workshop, bicycle food carts, a human-powered amusement ride, a commuter obstacle course, Goldsprint racing, and SF-based Heavy Petal Cyclecide Bike Rodeo – a bicycle club of ‘alter-bike mechanics, mariachi-punk musicians, and psychotic clowns who love bikes, beer, and building stuff.’

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