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Plastic pop-up bar

The Bluetube Bar was built by Portuguese design collective, DOSE, for the Queima das Fitas do Porto festival. Made from low-cost materials, the structure’s blue tubing – the kind used in construction work – creates really interesting effects when lit from within, thus drawing in the punters.

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The hunt down under

February is a quiet month for Australian cities as summer draws to a close. To fight the February blues, Melbourne created ‘The Great Melbourne Treasure Hunt’ to celebrate the city and hopefully drive footfall for retailers.

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Swab & send

Help Remedies has launched a new range of plasters that encourage people to join the bone marrow register.

Each pack comes with a marrow registry kit. Before putting on a plaster, you simply take a blood sample with a sterile swab and send it off to the donor centre in the envelope provided. The dual-purpose packs make something good out of a bad situation and will hopefully prompt more people to sign up for this good cause.

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Fashion factory

For her London Fashion Week show, luxury accessories designer Anya Hindmarch brought her collection to life in a whimsical, Willy Wonka-esque theatrical installation.

The fantastical catwalk for accessories was created with the help of Dior couture set designer, Michael Howells. Entitled ‘All I’ve Ever Wanted’, the set featured a conveyer belt with clutches opening and shutting like oysters, musical wind-up handbags and explosions of sweets and confetti.

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Absolut India

Absolut have bottled the sound of India in an experiential installation at the India Art Fair.

Whenever someone walks near a bottle, a quintessential sound of India is triggered – the listener has to lean in close to hear it properly. As people work their way around the installation, the different sounds create a personal Indian journey for each listener.

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Fashion fembot

Tokyo department store Takashimaya is stopping shoppers in their tracks with a Valentines Day display featuring an android mannequin. The lifelike female android smiles, nods and even yawns at people. (tx to Elliot)

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Recycled groove

Red Stripe kicked off its ‘Make Something From Nothing’ campaign in London with a unique sound installation piece by Yuri Suzuki. Standing 2.5 metres high and fully functional, the installation is made entirely of salvaged Red Stripe cans from last year’s Notting Hill Carnival.

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Going gaga

Luxury retailer, Barneys New York, is going Gaga with its holiday season theme. The entire fifth floor of the Madison Ave store has been transformed into Lady Gaga’s Workshop, featuring eight stations of vibrant artworks and unique Gaga-designed and inspired products. (Thanks to Lyndal, brilliant spot.)

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Digital falls

Currently on display in a shopping centre in Quito, Ecuador is the Coca-Cola Cascada exhibit, a giant 52-foot digital waterfall that offers an interactive 3D experience. No special glasses needed to see the colourful 3D bursts of falling water. What’s more, viewers can interact with the installation by having their motions captured and mirrored on the waterfall—their movements actually affect how the water falls—as they stand inside a special hub area facing a screen. The aim is to encourage young customers to participate rather than standby and watch.

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Give into Gü

According to chocolatey dessert brand Gü, letting go and giving in to pleasure makes you feel more alive. (Tx again Toddy)

As part of their re-launch, Gü turned a billboard into a giant drumkit in Tottenham Court Road so Londoners could let go and make some guilt-free noise. For one day, Gü filmed people playing and awarded the drummer whose video got the most views on YouTube with a £200 Virgin Experience voucher.

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