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Greasy brown paper bags. Plastic trays with flimsy paper liners. Cardboard cups with striped straws. McDonald’s has never had the most glamorous packaging – until now.

In Japan, the fast-food chain has just introduced Quarter Pounder Jewelry Burgers, featuring unexpectedly posh additions like truffle sauce, chorizo and pineapple. And to match the luxury inside, they’ve given the packaging a classy, minimal look.

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McDonald is launching its latest ‘localised’ product – the McCamembert! (Thanks, Tim)






This isn’t the first time McDonalds have introduced local favourites. The Middle East enjoyed the McArabia, Japan experienced the Mega Teriyaki and Thailand chomped their way through Jasmine Rice Patties. McDonalds is set to open its first vegetarian-only restaurant this year in India, and elsewhere the restaurant doesn’t serve beef and pork out of respect for their Hindu and Muslim customers. Hopefully the Elmwood Leeds studio can look forward to the McYorkshirePudding arriving soon!

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Burger bar dreams

As part of the ‘I’m Amazing’ advertising campaign, children in Hong Kong were invited to submit designs for the McDonald’s restaurant of their dreams. The chosen designs were then adapted for a real restaurant.

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Burger, fries and wrapping

Packaging is a necessary part of food distribution – yet remains a problem when it ends up contributing to landfills and litter. Now, Bob’s fast food chain in Brazil has come up with another solution – creating edible packaging. (Cheers, Tim)

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McDonald’s are planning to outfit around 150 of their stores with new outdoor spaces and furniture by French designer Patrick Norguet and Italian brand Alias.

Norguet has worked with fashion houses including Dior, Guerlain and Lanvin, which makes him an unusual choice for McDonald’s. However, the designer considers the assignment to be part of his overall interest in function. In his words: ‘For this project, as for each of my projects, I wanted to pay close attention to the end user.’

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Escargots to go?

Bruno Loubet, a Michelin-starred chef, is launching a French takeaway service in London (cheers, Amy in London). Loubet, who has worked in the capital city for more than 20 years, is hoping to oust curries and pizzas as the fast food of choice and encourage diners to opt for Gallic cuisine instead.

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Street smart packaging

Guactruck is a mobile eatery from the Philippines with beautifully sustainable packaging. (Many tx to Charlotte in Singapore)

Free from glue and plastic, the origami-inspired packaging opens like a blossoming bud. Customers are encouraged to return their packaging with stamps towards a free meal. Guactruck is a fine example of a brand reducing its environmental impact without compromising on design.

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Braille burger

Wimpy South Africa announced the launch of their Braille menus with an inspiring video campaign featuring visually-impaired customers. Each person was given a burger with a description of its quality written in Braille on top of the bun with sesame seeds. The video resonated with many customers in this community, eventually reaching over 800,000 sight-impaired individuals.

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Pizza Hero

Domino’s Pizza US has released Pizza Hero, an iPad app that lets people knead, sprinkle and slice a pizza of their choosing. The goal is to make your virtual pizza as quickly as possible to score the most points – if you make it past level five, other players can rate your performance. And if you get hungry along the way, there’s a tab to make a quick order.

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As the second largest market for McDonalds in the world, France was an appropriate choice for a store redesign rollout. The chain is keen to return to its roots and rebrand itself as a family restaurant, as opposed to the teen hangout it has become.

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