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Lime eclipse

The moon isn’t made of cheese; it’s made of lime.

Working with astronomers, Corona and ad agency Cramer-Krasselt have put up a clever billboard in New York City. On certain nights of the month and from a particular angle, it makes the waxing crescent moon look like a slice of lime resting in a Corona bottle. (Cool spot, Ollie.)

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The elyx of life

What comes to mind when you think of Absolut? Dark bars? House parties? Ads with clever wordplay? Chances are, the brand’s Swedish heritage isn’t top of the list.

But to get back to its artistically-inclined, sustainably-minded roots, Absolut has introduced a new premier vodka made with traditional Swedish techniques: Absolut Elyx.

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Make a date with a mug

The direct-mail desk calendar. A tired old cliché if there ever was one, and certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. Until now, and Hälssen & Lyon’s beautifully-crafted tea calendar, which they sent out to a few lucky business partners. Each removable day is a wafer thin slice of premium pressed tea leaves, which can be popped into your cup with hot water for the perfect daily brew.

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Beer turnstile

In London, we swipe in and out of the underground with an Oyster. In Hong Kong, they prefer to use an Octopus. So what do Rio Carnival revellers use? Beer cans, of course, thanks to official carnival sponsor Antarctica Beer. It’s an effective way to discourage drink driving during the famous Fat Tuesday celebrations.

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Coffee shop, contained

Starbucks continues to embrace the trend for individual retail spaces that reflect their environment, rather than homogenously branded venues that are the same in any city. Ever since their chief creative officer, Arthur Rubinfeld, was tasked to reimagine Starbucks stores, new and interesting outlets have been popping up all over the world.

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A recipe for increased sales

Mayonnaise isn’t just for sandwiches. At a supermarket in São Paulo, Hellmann’s used NFC technology to suggest new recipes to shoppers as they perused the aisles. (Thanks, Tim.)




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Makr Shakr

Some robots would be no good at mixing a martini. C3PO, for example, would no doubt bruise the gin with those inflexible elbows of his, despite his plummy butler act. But these ‘guys’ put the most balletic of bartenders to shame. Fresh from MIT’s Senseable City Lab and rocking the bar in Milan is Makr Shakr: three robotic arms that can mix any drink you desire.

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Baby and me

First we fell in love with the synchronized-swimming Waterbabies. Then, those lockin’ n’ poppin’ Rollerbabies. Now, it’s time to connect with your own inner baby. Evian’s newest CGI tots are taking the Viral Video Chart by storm, as “Baby & Me” has topped the No. 1 spot with around 50million views, generating more than 80 related clips, 740,000 Facebook shares, and 11,000 comments.

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Some cereal brands promise to make you look great in a red swimsuit. Or to enjoy the bowel health of a reformed bad-boy cricketer. Sexcereal’s offer is even more full-frontal: a better time at bedtime.

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Is the launch campaign for cereal brand Weetabix’s new breakfast biscuit, On The Go. British shoppers at Boots stores can claim a free sample simply by showing a photo of the product on their smartphones at checkout.

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