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Drink inside the box

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When is a box not a box? When it’s a table, of course. To help Nikka Whisky stand out on European shelves, international distributor La Maison du Whisky has given it some snazzy new packaging that can be configured into a variety of shapes.

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A stimulating read

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Anyone fancy a brew?

Four words that are often whispered in our studios around the world. Saying it any louder can result in an order that would challenge even the most skilful of baristas. But following their alarm-clock cap Nescafe have found another innovative way to help people enjoy a nice brew. (Chink chink, Damo.)

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Quintessentially manly branding

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You can imagine the marketing men for New England brewery Narrangansett muttering, “We’re gonna need a bigger brand.”

Enter Quint, the squint-eyed, shark-hunting antihero from Jaws. Played with chilling charisma by Robert Shaw, he embodies pure manliness on the open seas. And he also glugs down a ‘Gansett or two during the movie.

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Get slashed, get sloshed

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It’s a brave brand that puts forward pack designs without words or visuals. But then, if your brand’s all about fierceness, you’ve got to prove you’ve got balls.

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The dog’s bottles

BrewDog has just opened its first shop, BottleDog (see what they did there).

Describing itself as your ‘one-stop-shop for all things craft beer in London’, BottleDog stocks over 250 craft beers, as well as ‘growler’ refills (that’s ‘flask’ to you and me), and equipment and advice for home brewing.

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Wash and Grow

Every so often the shampoo industry discovers a new ingredient that changes the market. Game-changers like aloe vera, jojoba oil, cucumber extract, and pomegranate seeds. Well now we could be adding Triple, venti, half sweet, non-fat, caramel macchiato to that list. Sort of.

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The Good (BBQ) Book

Summer. Sandals with socks. Grown ups running like school children away from wasps. Men standing proudly over their BBQs as they turn high-quality food into low-grade carbon.

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Open wide and say AHH

Teens are a notoriously difficult bunch to talk to. Or so the clichés would have us believe. (#bothered #whatever #solame #OMG #awkward) But if anyone could crack the market you’d put your money on Coke to come up with the goods.

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Stirring up the coffee market

“Hello. I’m sorry to bother you but I’m having a dinner party and I’ve run out of coffee.”

It doesn’t seem too long ago that TV adverts for coffee worked on a simple premise: buy a jar of coffee and your neighbours will find you instantly attractive, leading to overwhelming sexual tension and possible long term relationships. Oh, how times have changed.

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Cash, card or Instagram?

This isn’t just a roast dinner. It’s slow-cooked lamb shank, falling effortlessly off the bone, on a bed of red cabbage, with crispy potatoes on the side, filtered with X-Pro II, framed in black and liked by 17 of your friends.

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