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The only whey is up

The only whey is up

‘This is one small step for ice cream and one giant leap for moustached-kind.’

To celebrate the stratospheric success of Movember, protein ice cream brand Wheyhey sent its last tub of limited-edition banoffee ice cream into space, complete with a pink ‘tache.

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Talk dirty. Eat healthy.

Talk dirty 1

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ar7g_26QWu0

In the professional kitchen, it’s generally accepted that a few flying expletives really help a dish come together. In a cookbook however, it’s a bit of a shock to find recipes in which the language is just as ripe as the ingredients. With the launch of their vegan recipe book, Thug Kitchen show they’re not afraid to throw in a generous helping of sweariness.

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Equal steaks

Equal steaks

What happens to the feathers of chickens killed to make nuggets? To the wool of lambs slaughtered for Sunday roasts? Or the hide of cows used for meat?

Hang on, we can answer that last one. At least, we can if you live in New York. Husband and wife team Andrew Tarlow and Kate Huling are a restaurateur and leather goods specialist respectively. They both require one common ingredient – cattle – so they use the same cows.

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Taste eruption

Taste eruption

Stone-cooked? Flame-grilled? Pah, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Food design studio Bompas & Parr has collaborated with a team of scientists and artists to cook meat with lava and high-voltage electrical currents.

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Soak up your sins

Many drunken nights end in kebab ecstasy. But what about the morning after? Do you Detox with a fruit juice and a salad? Or do you ‘Retox’ by chowing down on more unhealthy nosh? A café has cropped up in East London where you can do both. (But not at the same time, obviously.)

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Print your cake and eat it

You’ve seared the scallops. You’ve cooked a steak. Now, you could be printing dessert. We give you the incredible… Foodini.

The brainchild of Barcelona start-up Natural Machines, Foodini is designed to cut down the process necessary in certain dishes. It can print your nosh according to precise measurements of height, width and depth – unfortunately, you still have to cook it yourself.

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New pins to buy

Pinterest is changing. Soon you’ll be able to use specific pins for food, retail products and movies. Then you’ll be able to click through and actually buy what you’ve been drooling over, rather than just dreaming about it.

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Imagine your ultimate burger. A succulent, handcrafted patty? Yes! Lovingly topped with all the extras? Of course! But wait. Now, thanks to San Francisco-based Momentum Machines, you can enjoy a burger created by robots – in the world’s first ‘no chefs’ restaurant.

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The world’s most innovative mayo

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise, São Paulo, have created a campaign that offers shoppers bespoke recipes based on the contents of their shopping cart – generating a 44% sales increase in just one month.

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Get a sugar fix in Soho

The ladies of our London office are aquiver with anticipation for the beginning of September. Patrick Cox, the shoe supremo, is dusting down some of his mum’s favourite homebake recipes and collaborating with Eric Lanlard, the French patisserie superhero. Cox, Cookies and Cake is set to open on Brewer Street at the beginning of September.


The interior of the shop takes more than a little design inspiration from saucy Soho shops, with a glossy black floor and spangly walls. We’ll soon see if it finds a place in the ladies’ hearts along with Snog, the frozen yoghurt joint also on Brewer Street, and good old Hummingbird Bakery on Wardour Street.

Source: http://www.coxcookiesandcake.com/


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