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Mellow like Marley

As well as being famous for his music, Bob Marley’s well known for his laid-back attitude. Now, drinks company Marley Beverage have bottled that attitude – creating a range of relaxing herbal drinks, with the aim of re-energising this type of functional beverage. They’ve achieved significant success so far, selling two million cases of ready-to-drink Marley’s Mellow Mood sodas and teas last year.

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Fat-blocking cola

PepsiCo has unveiled a new cola which, according to their technologists, reduces the absorption of fat in the body and helps to cut cholesterol levels. (Amazing, Tim!)

The fat-blocking Pepsi Special, which will be distributed by Suntory International, will go on sale in Japan. It’s one of several unusual drinks to be introduced by Pepsi, including Pepsi White – a clear tangerine-flavoured cola, which will be launched in December.

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