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Breathing new life into cosmetics

From acne cream to wrinkle cream… without a break. Shiseido is now targeting a younger audience – women aged 25-35 – with a new skincare line that tackles the stresses of modern life.

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By Gum

Gone are the days of men simply running their fingers through their hair before leaving the house. Gum salon is the latest brand to launch a collection of male hair styling products – with everything from a thickening shampoo to conditioning treatments.

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Flower power

Simple on the inside, simple on the outside. Italian organic haircare treatment brand BIO A+O.E, which uses plant-based alternatives to chemicals in its organic haircare line, has created new packaging to reflects its natural credentials.

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A quick break

Japanese city dwellers are inundated with ‘zero’ products of all varieties, as they strive to lose a few pounds and get in better shape in the midst of a ‘metabo’ slump (Japan’s metabolic law to fend off increasing health costs). Since beverages and snacks are part of office life, much has been done in these areas.

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Mon Shu Girl

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has created a fictional character called ‘Mon Shu Girl’ to promote his forthcoming collaboration with Japanese beauty brand Shu Uemura. The character recently starred a video to promote the forthcoming capsule collection.

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Transparent beauty

Introducing the Naturalis toolkit: a home micro-factory that bridges the gap between the cosmetics industry and DIY products.

Created for Rowenta by French industrial designers Eliumstudio, Naturalis uses helical emulsion technology (a process widely used in the cosmetics industry) to enable consumers to agitate ingredients at high speed to create cleansers, moisturisers and skin-nourishing lotions.

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Beard beauty

As the fashion of rugged refinement grips the menswear scene, grooming products have had to accommodate a new cosmetic: beard oil (one especially for Fitzrovian hipsters Oli and Nile.) Part cologne, part conditioner, beard oil has become a popular alternative to cream-based conditioners, adding just the right amount of shine and musky fragrance to manly mugs.

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Close to the bone

A new company called Dollar Shave Club has captured the internet’s attention with a low-cost, viral ad laced with deadpan humour. (Cheers, Tet.)

The company’s CEO, Michael Dubin, promises to deliver $1 razors (plus $2 for shipping and handling) to people every month. The video, called ‘Our Blades Are F***ing Great’ features a debonair Dubin strutting through an office and warehouse, making a case for the novelty concept. ‘Do you like spending $20 a month on razors? $19 goes to Roger Federer,’ Dubin asks, knocking Gillette’s famous-athlete promos.

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Ninja slippers

Nike, noticing the trend towards barefoot running, have designed shoes for it. The Nike Free series combines the best of shoe-free athletics with some of the protection and enhancement that shoes can provide. (If you didn’t already know, there’s evidence that padded shoes change our gait in a way that means heavier heel strikes while running—which could increase the chance of injury. The argument of barefoot running is that we evolved to run without shoes, so shoes that change our gait are probably doing more harm than good.)

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Healthy design

Who said every pharmacy has to look cold and clinical? The Swedish pharmacy, Vårdapoteket, is breaking convention with a vibrant rebrand. All 24 stores, as well as bags, promotional material and signage feature fun, colourful graphics and illustrations of the human body.
The pharmacies are located in hospitals and care centres, so the positive design is meant to lift people’s spirits and reduce anxiety.

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