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Exercise by numbers

Exercise by numbers

Gyms. Sweat dripping down grey walls. Stale carpet tiles. Broken air conditioning units. Boxy TV screens showing music videos from the ‘90s. Row upon row of slippery, smelly treadmills.

Sound familiar? If your gym is still stuck in the dark ages, it’s time to move on. Research shows that more and more of us are shunning traditional high-street chains in favour of fitness and running groups, or re-considered gyms that place greater emphasis on design and style.

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Lord of the skins

Lord of the skins

Who said a little magical thinking couldn’t work wonders? Welcome to the age of Neo-Tolkienism – the golden era of fantasy storytelling following the likes of blockbuster franchises Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings.

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Forget your everyday health check. We’re talking tattoo checks, thanks to Brazilian suncare brand Sol de Janeiro and its efforts to raise skin cancer awareness.

Proof of brands putting people’s needs before their own, Sol de Janeiro trained over 450 tattooists with the skills to be able to spot skin lesions and the basic signs of skin cancer.

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Wash and Grow

Every so often the shampoo industry discovers a new ingredient that changes the market. Game-changers like aloe vera, jojoba oil, cucumber extract, and pomegranate seeds. Well now we could be adding Triple, venti, half sweet, non-fat, caramel macchiato to that list. Sort of.

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Beacon of health and beauty

L@@K! 60% off DIY botox kits!! Buy one get one free on all nasal trimmers!! 3 for 2 on our new range of flameproof clothing!!! A quick scan down your inbox will probably reveal all manner of offers from businesses whose mailing list you keep meaning to unsubscribe from.

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Ever wondered if you could get away with a smoky eye look? What about a nearly-natural dewy glow? Or red lips and eyeliner flicks? Before you trot off to your local beauty hall and splash the cash, download L’Oreal’s new app and, er, splash some pixels instead.

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Sharp and curlies

One blade, two blades, three blades, four. There’s not an ad break goes by without the latest super-duper multi-blade razor popping up. But has anyone ever stopped to think if more actually means better?

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No1 for No 2s

At the time of writing Dollar Shave Club’s video has been watched by nearly 12 million people. (If you haven’t seen it, you need to asap.) Now founder Michael Dubin has set up One Wipe Charlies – $4 boxes of flushable, biodegradable man towels/ butt wipes/ dude napkins (Please delete the ones you find most offensive).

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Scent stories

Remember trying to make your own perfume when you were little? How much fun it was? And how thoroughly disappointing it smelt? For most of us, the secrets of creating proper perfumes have always remained a mystery. Until now.

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Stress detox

It doesn’t matter how many times you go to the gym. How many superfoods you squeeze into your diet. Or how expensive your beauty products. If you’re feeling stressed, then your body is too. And that’s not good.

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