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Close to the bone

A new company called Dollar Shave Club has captured the internet’s attention with a low-cost, viral ad laced with deadpan humour. (Cheers, Tet.)

The company’s CEO, Michael Dubin, promises to deliver $1 razors (plus $2 for shipping and handling) to people every month. The video, called ‘Our Blades Are F***ing Great’ features a debonair Dubin strutting through an office and warehouse, making a case for the novelty concept. ‘Do you like spending $20 a month on razors? $19 goes to Roger Federer,’ Dubin asks, knocking Gillette’s famous-athlete promos.

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Ninja slippers

Nike, noticing the trend towards barefoot running, have designed shoes for it. The Nike Free series combines the best of shoe-free athletics with some of the protection and enhancement that shoes can provide. (If you didn’t already know, there’s evidence that padded shoes change our gait in a way that means heavier heel strikes while running—which could increase the chance of injury. The argument of barefoot running is that we evolved to run without shoes, so shoes that change our gait are probably doing more harm than good.)

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Healthy design

Who said every pharmacy has to look cold and clinical? The Swedish pharmacy, Vårdapoteket, is breaking convention with a vibrant rebrand. All 24 stores, as well as bags, promotional material and signage feature fun, colourful graphics and illustrations of the human body.
The pharmacies are located in hospitals and care centres, so the positive design is meant to lift people’s spirits and reduce anxiety.

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In Japan, “metabo” means overweight – a hot phrase that has helped usher in a wave of new heath plans and diets. Tanita Shokudo is a new Tokyo restaurant tapping into this trend. Run by health device manufacturer Tanita Corp, the restaurant is both a healthy eatery and a place to pick up free nutritional and dietary advice.

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Energy band

Nike has unveiled the Nike+ FuelBand, a wristband that aims to provide a common metric for tracking physical activities. Building on Nike+, the FuelBand tracks ‘NikeFuel’ – units that let people compare, say, a game of basketball to a dance class. People can measure up and compete with others or use the band as motivation to stay fit. You can set daily NikeFuel score goals and the FuelBand turns red, yellow, or green to tell you how you’re doing.

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Rate your plate

Shopwell is a free iOS app that helps you keep a healthy diet by rating your food and suggesting alternatives

Based on your profile, the app rates a wide range of food items with a colour-coded number out of 100 – the higher the number, the better for you. You can either scan or search for items and each product page includes ingredients and nutrition facts. Healthier alternatives are listed at the bottom, each with a number rating.

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Startup pop-up

Retail consultant Rachel Shechtman has launched Startup Store, a shop that will reinvent itself with a new theme every four to six weeks. Shechtman calls the concept “transactional storytelling,” placing a narrative at the centre of a retail venture. (Thanks to Amelia and Abi in NY.)

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Flat pack lenses

The December issue of Monocle is packed with enough editorial to satisfy a long holiday commute. One of the standout features covers Menicon’s latest Magic Flat Pack- the first flat daily disposable contact lens. The logo and packaging is beautifully designed and mimics the daily cycle of the sun, a perfect parallel for the brand.

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Pop-up fashion

This new pop-up shop in downtown Manhattan is designed by London-based artist and architect, Graham Hudson, in collaboration with non-profit arts and culture organisation BOFFO, and one of fashion’s exciting new names, Patrik Ervell.

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Bee different

French organic beauty brand Melvita (now owned by L’Occitane) has installed beehives on the roof of its Covent Garden store. A permanent fixture, the Melvita City Apiary honours the brand’s founder, Bernard Chevilliat, a biologist and beekeeper who made the original products with honey from his own farm. (Many thanks to Amy G.)

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