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Household probiotics

Household probiotics

When you read the words ‘probiotics’ and ‘good bacteria’, you’ll probably picture a tub of yoghurt or Yakult – not necessarily cleaning products. But today’s a new day, complete with a natural new science-based health trend: Pro-microbiome.

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Pimp your porta-potty

We’ve all experienced the misery of camping or festival toilets. The smell, the mud, the lack of toilet paper…horrible. Luckily for the people of Argentina, the organisers of ‘Personal Fest’ music festival have taken a stand – transforming this neglected area into a significantly more enjoyable experience.

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SOS Condom

International condom manufacturer Durex has launched a new app and service that discreetly delivers condoms within an hour. (Nice find, Tim)








If you get ‘caught short’ then you simply need to access the SOS app or Durex’s SOS website. Within 60 minutes, Durex will deliver your condoms via someone in disguise – for example a ‘pizza delivery man’ – so your date stays none the wiser.

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Kids earn TV time

Go outside and play. That’s what our mothers always told us. So how do you get today’s youth to get away from their screens when there’s so much more content available online and, let’s be honest, adults are doing the same thing? Good old incentivisation.

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Let’s get it on

For its new range of condoms ‘SKYN’, Ansell has launched a campaign asking Spotify users to create a ‘sexy songs’ playlist. (Thanks, Jason and Alex)







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More than a market

How do you help a community feel more connected, whilst providing access to healthy food at a fair price? The answer – open a grocery store. The People’s Community Market in West Oakland is funded by the community and investors, who in-turn keep some of the profits. Once it’s built, the market will provide jobs, educate families about healthy living, and provide a space for people to get together. A cornerstone for this Californian community.

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Who gives a…

If you’ve ever thought ‘there isn’t anything left that a social entrepreneur could attach a buy-one give-one model to’, then clearly you haven’t met Simon Griffiths.

Griffiths is the founder of Who Gives A Crap, a company that sells recycled toilet paper. His business donates 50% of their profits to Water Aid, who use the funds to improve sanitation in Africa. Apparently his recycled rolls are lovely and soft, too – making this social enterprise beneficial to everybody.

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Smartphones from 1984

Most of us take the equipment in our smartphone for granted. Each component works behind the scenes to serve a specific purpose, and that’s that. But when those individual devices are listed together, it starts to read like an excerpt from 1984. A camera to capture photos and video, GPS for location-based services, a microphone for recording audio, an accelerometer for tracking speed…

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Go halfsies

Halfsies is a new programme that puts unfinished restaurant meals to good use, combating obesity and waste at the same time.

Participating restaurants pick certain meals from their menu to include in the program. When the patron chooses to “go halfsies” on the dish, they get a half-portion of the meal while still paying full price. 90% of the proceeds are then donated to support the fight against hunger with the remaining 10% funding Halfsies’ own operations.

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Bedside advice

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unwanted Pregnancy has created Bedsider.org, a service design solution for birth control awareness.

The website is packed with interactive tools on birth control methods, educational and entertaining animated clips (complete with dancing condoms) and video clips of people sharing their real-life sex and birth control stories.

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