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Go halfsies

Halfsies is a new programme that puts unfinished restaurant meals to good use, combating obesity and waste at the same time.

Participating restaurants pick certain meals from their menu to include in the program. When the patron chooses to “go halfsies” on the dish, they get a half-portion of the meal while still paying full price. 90% of the proceeds are then donated to support the fight against hunger with the remaining 10% funding Halfsies’ own operations.

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Bedside advice

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unwanted Pregnancy has created, a service design solution for birth control awareness.

The website is packed with interactive tools on birth control methods, educational and entertaining animated clips (complete with dancing condoms) and video clips of people sharing their real-life sex and birth control stories.

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Graphic health

In the mid-20th century, pharmaceutical companies spent big bucks advertising their latest ‘miracle’ drug to the medical industry and consumers, enlisting graphic design heavyweights like Herb Lubalin and Andy Warhol. Today, New York’s Cooper Union is celebrating this design heyday with an exhibition entitled ‘Pharma’. Spanning the 1940s to the 1960s, it brings together rare works and examines the lasting impact that graphic design had on the medical industry.

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Facebook blood groups

Natal is the Israeli Trauma centre for victims of terror and war, where finding a quick blood donor match is the difference between life and death. Israeli advertising agency, Twentythree, redefined social collaboration by launching Facebook blood groups – the largest online pool of emergency blood donors that can be contacted in a click. (Thanks to Digital Alex.)

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Pressure app

For $129, you can monitor your own stress levels with the Withings blood pressure cuff that plugs directly into your iphone. Expect people to start policing their own health as smartphone medical accessories flourish.

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Wired hospital

Best Buy is about to take the hospital gift shop into the technology age in a test partnership with Memorial Hospital of South Bend, Indiana. The shop will carry a limited selection of Best Buy products geared towards helping patients and guests stay connected during their treatment or visit.
The retailer will provide items like digital cameras, phone chargers, data cards and sound cancelling earphones, while the hospital will keep a percentage of the generated revenue. If the test turns out positive, Best Buy may roll out the concept to other hospitals around the US.

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A good measure

There’s a growing trend in Europe for people to manage their lifestyles more closely, as they scrutinise and tighten their grip on their finances, personal health, eating and drinking habits or ethical behaviours and embrace direct responsibility for their personal decisions.

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Banish the bugs (beautifully)

These days, who’d be without a hand sanitiser? They’re great for freshening up after Tube travel or banishing that ‘ewww’ feeling when the soap and water supplies are hit and miss at festivals.

This little number has come to our attention for its good looks and all-natural bug-beating prowess.

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Designing different realities

A new mental health clinic in Tokyo is practicing what it preaches – right down to the interior design.

Local architect’s, Nendo, has created a whole host of thought-provoking quirks. The door at the end of the hallway, for example, opens onto a window and the doors along the walls of the clinic don’t open at all. Instead, doctors and patients enter the consultation rooms by sliding bookshelves sideways.

Rather than getting patients back to a ‘zero’, a neutral starting place, which is the traditional model for mental health care, the clinic aims to provide patients with something extra: a deeper richness in their daily lives that wasn’t there before. The aim is to make the patients feel supported by ‘providing alternative perspectives for viewing the world’ and helping ‘visitors and staff members to experience opening new doors in their hearts’.

Mental health clinics are beginning to use this sort of intelligent design more and more, creating a new model for a traditionally restrained environment to further stimulate recuperation.


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Let your fans decide

Vitamin Water’s latest flavour, launching in March this year, was developed and named by the brand’s Facebook fans. The black cherry and lime flavoured drink will be called ‘Connect’.

One Facebook fan, Sarah from Illinois, won $5,000 for her role in developing this new product.

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