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Bloc bookings

The BLOC hotel philosophy seems to good to be true. By carefully sourcing furniture, bedding and other essential items from around the world, the hotel is able to offer the very best in design and facilities at an affordable price. And by the best facilities, they mean everything from a sophisticated climate control system developed by the Scandinavian Sleep Institute to Italian-tiled wet rooms with powerful drench showers and Egyptian cotton sheets. Bliss.

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Overstay Checkout

Most people love staying in hotels – but don’t enjoy having to check out early. That’s why Art Series Hotels and Naked Communications have created the ‘Overstay Checkout’ – which allows guests to stay a few hours (or even days) later, until the next guest is due to arrive.

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A new form of storytelling

Check out these columns in the West Lobby of Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas. Created with LCD monitors behind a mirror, each column updates in real-time – featuring works of art and moving images. The columns also connect to virtual spaces on the internet, creating a ‘live’ conversation.

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Furniture dating service

Shopping for furniture can be a challenge because you generally can’t try before you buy. So, Droog, a Belgian furniture brand, has teamed up with Gallery Sofie Lachaert to offer a solution – by way of two branded apartments in Ghent, Belgium, where people can test-drive the furniture for a night or more before buying, or not.

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Health hotel

The InterContinental Hotels Group has launched EVEN, a new brand of hotels for guests seeking a healthier stay. Each room is designed for working out, with details like a luggage rack that doubles as a sit-up bench and extra floor space for yoga. EVEN Hotels will also have large gyms and menus full of nutritional options.

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Bed but not bored

Wanderlust is the latest funky crashpad to join Singapore’s growing and eclectic family of boutique hotels. The building, situated in the vibrant backpackers enclave of Little India, was originally an old school built in the 1920s and each of the four thematic levels of 29 rooms were designed by award-winning Singapore agencies, each of whom were given full creative freedom.

But with room rates starting at S$180, Wanderlust is no hovel. Instead, it’s more of a great value experience for adventurous business travellers who dare to venture off the beaten track and away from the usual big-name chains.
(Cheers, Dom.)

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