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Hotel California

Hotel California

You’ve just arrived at your hotel. A nice porter has carried your bags to your room. And he’s now hovering by the door expectantly.

If this situation is enough to bring you (and your wallet) out in a cold sweat, you’ll be delighted to hear that Aloft Hotels has announced the debut of robotic butlers, or Botlrs, at its Silicon Valley location.

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Travel brilliantly

“Nice hotel, but the mini shampoo wasn’t up to much.” If you’ve ever stayed somewhere and moaned about what could be better, Marriott International’s new campaign is for you.

Travel Brilliantly invites people to put forward suggestions for the hotels of the future – and your ideas can be as weird and wonderful as your imagination (current suggestions include a personalised mini-bar and a luggage finder app).

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Room service not included

Often when you think of hotels, you think of the staff: the uniformed doorman, the dapper concierge, the service with a professional smile. But a hip new Parisian hotel, created by French designer Matali Crasset, has done away with something so gauche as employees. (Tx Jamie)

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Flat pack hotels

IKEA’s real estate branch Inter Hospitality and Marriott International Inc have partnered to create and launch a brand new economy-class hotel brand called MOXY.

Surprisingly, the hotels won’t be stocked with IKEA furniture – but the company has developed a number of innovative construction techniques to keep costs down. Created for the ‘next generation traveller’, the hotels will be popping up in or around office parks, airports and train stations, many of them featuring a neutral ‘eco-style’ theme.

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Deluxe unplugged

Marriott’s Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel is helping people unplug and recharge with their “Zen and the Art of Detox” weekend package.

At check-in, participating guests surrender their laptop, iPhone and other digital devices for safekeeping until departure. Literary classics and other forms of analog entertainment fill the digital void inside deluxe king rooms. Package rates vary between $199 – 399 per night.

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Business nomads

Citizen M, the Dutch hotel group, has introduced a concept business club in their newly opened Glasgow hotel – the first outside Holland. (Tx to Mr Glagow, Elliot)

Dubbed Society M, the club provides a base of operations for small businesses to gain access to city centre accommodation within stylish contemporary surrounds. Boasting a design driven concept, the club offers members a creative space for working and relaxing within the hotel basement.

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Property playlist

Morgans Hotel Group is giving away downloadable music and playlists via scannable QR codes on guests’ keycards. Launched through a partnership with music download site RCRD LBL, the initiative serves up 20-song playlists compiled to suit the unique feel of each property.

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Bag Bot

The Yotel New York hotel’s new front-desk employee is turning heads. Yobot is the world’s first luggage-toting robot, who stores and retrieves guests’ baggage before a street-level window near Times Square. Yobot’s work is quick, efficient and entertaining.

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Minibar for the mind

Trading overpriced nuts for inspiration, Minibar for the Mind offers a thought-provoking alternative to the usual fare in Morgans hotel minibars.


Created by The School of Life, the set includes a box of 250 conversation starters, a volume of columns written by faculty at The School of Life, “Reading Prescriptions” to suit every mood, and a notebook and pencil for when the inspiration hits.  

Via. http://weallneedwords.com/andanotherthing/showing-off/minibar-for-the-mind.html

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A little give and take

For a week in November, thousands of Italian bed and breakfast establishments will encourage guests to barter for their stay. 


Marking the second annual Settimana del Baratto, or Barter Week, run by the Italian Bed and Breakfast Association, 15-21 November will give cash-strapped people a chance to enjoy time away from home without breaking the bank.

Last year’s event was wildly successful with around 12,000 fans registering to participate on Facebook, and several B&Bs continuing to offer barter arrangements throughout the year. The most common payments were accommodation swaps, live music performances and website translations.

The recession may have officially ended, but that doesn’t mean consumers are flush with cash. How can brands offer them a little financial breathing room?

Via. http://www.springwise.com/tourism_travel/settimanadelbaratto/

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