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Beer with added fibre

Beer with added fibre

Calm down, calm down. Carlsberg hasn’t gone all colon-health-crazy. The fibre’s not in the beer, but the bottle. They’re developing one made from ‘Green Fiber’: a world-first that’s fully biodegradable, sculpted from sustainably-sourced wood and paper pulp. (The sort of stuff that keeps your eggs uncracked and your electronic goods so tightly packed.)

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As squeaky clean as a dolphin

squeaky clean

Delicate, lacy lingerie. Super soft cashmere. Trousers crusted with mud from a trek through the rainforest. All need washing. All a complete chore to clean.

Not so with Dolfi. This ‘next gen washing device’ has arrived to take the task gently and discretely off your hands. Pop it in a bowl of water and laundry detergent, plug in your Dolphi and it will do the job for you. Using ultrasonic tech. (Thanks go to our superfresh Mr Jampbell.)

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The shape of calls to come

The shape of calls to come

If the fetishism surrounding certain popular smartphones leaves you a little iFatigued, then here’s an opportunity to take matters into your own hands. Google is collaborating with design and technology firm Lapka to create their own modular smartphone, Project Ara.

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Perfectly repulsive beer

Perfectly repulsive beer

A sweltering tropical night. A campfire and cold one. And the inevitable, uninvited guests, swarming round and putting you off your punchline. Mosquitoes: the bane of the alfresco beer drinker.

The solution? Holiday in Papua New Guinea! There, the Heineken-owned SP Brewery has created an ingenious, eucalyptus-infused carton to deal with the pests. This natural insect repellent, sprayed onto the packaging, releases bug-bothering fumes when chucked on the flames. So now the national hobby of enjoying a fireside beer can continue without the malarial party crashers. Definitely tastier than Deet, too.

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Growing trends in packaging

Living fruit basket

After travelling a few thousand miles in a refrigerated container, fresh fruit and vegetables start to seem somehow less than fresh. Chances are, they’ve lost a lot of their nutritional value along the way too.

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Flavoured oils made squeezy

Flavoured oils

It’s an established ritual in the kitchen. When the recipe demands you add a lug of oil, or perhaps a drizzle, you reach for the familiar bottle and wave it around enthusiastically like an aspiring Jamie Oliver. But now, with the launch Aromissimo flavoured oils, home chefs in Russia are being invited to add a squeeze of oil instead. The range appears in squeezable tubes rather than traditional bottles, adding a premium, almost cosmetic quality to the product. Hand-drawn images of garlic, mushrooms, lemons and peppers on the tubes identify each flavour variant. They also serve as a useful reminder that these oils are intended for cooking. After all, you wouldn’t want to apply them to your face. Especially the pepper variety. Via.

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A Coke of many colours

A Coke of many colours

Red and white. Red and white. Red and white. Royal purple. Shocking pink. Vivid turquoise. Hold on a second. What’s going on with Diet Coke? In a startling departure from the guidelines, Coca-Cola is offering consumers in Israel the chance to pick up their preferred variety of Coke sheathed in an entirely unique design.

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It’s that time of day again. The clock’s just struck five (or three. Or midday. Or ten in the morning.) You’ve had a hell of a week. And all you can think about is an ice-cold, citrusy gin and tonic.

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Food that goes bump in the night


A report released in 2013 showed that over 80% of the world’s fridges contain at least two sticks of mouldy celery, half a pot of old houmous and an out-of-date coconut yoghurt. OK, so we made that up, but the survey did reveal that £1bn (€1.3bn, $1.6bn) of edible food is wasted in the UK each year.

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King of darkness

King of darkness 1

At the risk of reinforcing a stereotype, Goths aren’t renown for their positive outlook on life. Doom, gloom, pain, and angst are words you’re more likely to associate with the culture, but Goths in Japan may finally have something to smile about thanks to Burger King.

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