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Watch and glow

Watch and glow

Shhhh at the front! If you’re an angry cinema-goer, the kind who tuts whenever someone rummages in their popcorn or fumbles with their fruit gums, this is for you.

Renowned food design studio Bompas & Parr has created luminescent ice cream so movie watchers can see their snacks in the dark. Created for Cornetto, the ice creams feature the iconic waffle cone and chocolate top, but with a glowing yellow filling.

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Red and green should never be seen

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A quick chat with our Biomotive Triggers expert Mr Simon Preece will reveal that red is a rather significant colour. Red alert, red lights, red letters, red rags, red tape, red carpet.

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A stimulating read

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Anyone fancy a brew?

Four words that are often whispered in our studios around the world. Saying it any louder can result in an order that would challenge even the most skilful of baristas. But following their alarm-clock cap Nescafe have found another innovative way to help people enjoy a nice brew. (Chink chink, Damo.)

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Thinking inside the box

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Once upon a time brushing your teeth was simple. 1. Put toothpaste on toothbrush. 2. brush for two minutes. Now we’ve got flossing, rinsing and tongue-scrubbing added to our list of daily hygiene, and toothpastes for just about every possible scenario. The bathroom cabinet just isn’t big enough.

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Get your fix

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“Don’t play with your food.” A message that’s been drummed into many of us since we learned to hold a knife and fork. But whether it’s turning mash potato into a volcano erupting with gravy or arranging a cooked breakfast into a novelty face, the temptation is too much for some. Food should be fun, no?

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A novel idea

Once upon a time there was a book unlike any other. A book so revolutionary it had the power to change lives, communities – even whole countries. A book you could drink.

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Ever get home to find your laundry wash finished hours earlier, your favourite shirt a creased, wet ball of musky cloth? A company called Berg have just the thing to help. Cloudwash is a prototype washing machine that lets you set up wash loads and order detergent through your phone.
Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 09.59.41

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King of the Pill

Take the red one. Then the blue one. Followed by three yellow ones and the green triangular one. With food. Before you go to bed. After reading a book. As we become increasingly obsessed with supplementing our lives with medication, so it becomes increasingly complicated to remember to take them.
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Your latest squeeze

Toothpaste has been around for longer than you’d expect. The ancient Greeks and Romans used crushed oyster shells to give them a winning smile. Other historical treatments included the ashes from burnt mice heads.

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Drip dry

Leave the aspirin in the cupboard. Put the bacon back in the fridge. And take the coffee pot off the boil. If you wake up with a hangover in New York, you now have the option of calling the IV Doctor.

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