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Hello to freshness

Standing in the toothpaste aisle at Walgreen’s, Craig Dubitsky got the idea for his latest company, Hello. ‘The whole oral hygiene industry is based on fear and shame,’ he says. ‘It’s as if there’s a war going on inside your mouth – you have to eliminate, destroy, arm yourself with these toxic products.’

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Have you beer and eat it

Sankt Gallen, a brewery located in the Kanagawa region of Japan, has unveiled a unique way to enjoy their famous malt beverage: with an edible glass. The brewery has recently gained notoriety for their chocolate beers, notably their imperial Chocolate Stout: an ultra-dark beer that lists “chocolate malt’ amongst its ingredients. Indulgent, yes, but definitely delicious!

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Clear innovation

The latest addition to the smartphone market is here: say hello to the transparent phone.

Created by Polytron Technologies and dubbed ‘Switchable Glass’, the phone uses liquid crystal molecules with a conductive OLED screen – which are aligned by electric currents to display images and text. Read more on Clear innovation…


Welcome to the newest innovation in tablets: a flexible, paper-thin device that looks and feels like a sheet of paper.







The PaperTab, a high-resolution plastic display PC prototype, was unveiled recently at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The team behind the invention said their goal was to emulate the feel of paper – creating a robust, lightweight product that could bend and even be dropped on a desk. If the idea catches on, the way we use tablets could change forever.

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Smart fork

HAPILABS has introduced a new product that aims to help you lose weight and improve digestion. The HAPIfork is a ‘smart fork’ that lets you know when you’re eating too fast. Why? Because if you eat quickly, your brain doesn’t have time to register that you’re full. The slower you eat, the faster you feel full, so you take in fewer calories during each meal.

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Shhh…no logo

In an attempt to propagate peace and quiet, Selfridges have created the No Noise retail initiative – a range of de-branded products, carefully edited to cancel out the effects of information overload.

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Clearly whiskey

White Dog, Tennessee Rye and Moonshine – a growing number of producers are launching their own unaged white whiskies to cater for cocktail lovers and drinkers looking for neat spirits with an edge.

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Overstay Checkout

Most people love staying in hotels – but don’t enjoy having to check out early. That’s why Art Series Hotels and Naked Communications have created the ‘Overstay Checkout’ – which allows guests to stay a few hours (or even days) later, until the next guest is due to arrive.

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Fat-blocking cola

PepsiCo has unveiled a new cola which, according to their technologists, reduces the absorption of fat in the body and helps to cut cholesterol levels. (Amazing, Tim!)

The fat-blocking Pepsi Special, which will be distributed by Suntory International, will go on sale in Japan. It’s one of several unusual drinks to be introduced by Pepsi, including Pepsi White – a clear tangerine-flavoured cola, which will be launched in December.

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Give a Slingshot a shot

Regardless of where you stand on the cold brew / iced pour over debate, you’ve got to appreciate some of the cooler packaging and design possibilities that attend the new bottled cold brew phenomenon. (Cheers, Elliot.)

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