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The Amazings

A record number of Baby Boomers are currently reaching retirement age in the UK. As this generation leaves work, their skills and talents could be lost, if it wasn’t for The Amazings – an online market place where Britain’s post-retirement Baby Boomers can share their skills.

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Swedes and smartphones

IKEA recently launched the 62nd version of their annual catalogue – an interactive edition, which allows consumers to access additional content through their smartphones and tablets.

The system is really accessible – you simply download the IKEA app, select the scanning feature then scan the smartphone symbol. You’re then linked to a film, photo gallery or other extra content, allowing you to make an informed decision about your furniture before you head to the store for your meatballs.

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Rise and shine

Uniqlo Wake Up is a social alarm app from Japanese fashion retailer Uniqlo that incorporates the current weather, time and day of the week into its wake-up music.

The app wakes users up with music that’s automatically created based on the weather, with a voice to announce the time, weather and day of the week in either English or Mandarin Chinese. The app’s background also changes with the day of the week.

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Smartphones from 1984

Most of us take the equipment in our smartphone for granted. Each component works behind the scenes to serve a specific purpose, and that’s that. But when those individual devices are listed together, it starts to read like an excerpt from 1984. A camera to capture photos and video, GPS for location-based services, a microphone for recording audio, an accelerometer for tracking speed…

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Winter wake up

It’s about this time of year that those living in the Northern Hemisphere’s wintry regions can begin to feel the toll of the winter weather on their daily lives. One effect of the difficult conditions is that daily commutes to work are often impeded by snow and ice, and that’s where Winter Wake-Up comes in. The new mobile app functions as a standard alarm clock, but it wakes users earlier than usual if there has been unexpected snow or icy conditions during the night. (Tx to Zoe for his one)

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The ‘i’m Watch’ is being billed as “the first real smartwatch”.

Created by Blue Sky, i’m Watch offers a high-res touchscreen display, Bluetooth connection to the user’s smartphone and a 4GB memory card. Calls, texts, email, music, photos, videos and the internet are all accessible through the Android-based device. Prices start at €249 and skyrocket to €9,999 for a gold diamond-encrusted model.

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Lo-gloss glossy

Manzine is a quirky, DIY take on the male glossy magazine. It’s produced by a group of writers and designers who work for the likes of The Guardian and British GQ. The zine’s lo-fi materials (it looks photocopied), obscure articles and generally rough-hewn aesthetic give Manzine a distinctive quality that’s hard to come by these days. The zine is distributed at various locations around London, and is also available for order on their blog, http://themanzine.blogspot.com/.

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