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Turning the tables

Pick up some Bob Marley with your milk. And while you’re at it, pop some Daft Punk in the trolley with your potatoes. Whole Foods, the organic supermarket chain, is now selling vinyl records alongside its usual food and health products.

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Vinyl lending

You won’t find strict librarians in this library. Or signs telling you to shhh. Or any books, for that matter. But you might just find a rare copy of that album you’ve been hunting for since 1982. This is the newly opened Vinyl Library, tucked away in an empty shop on a residential street in Stoke Newington.

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The sound of beer

Everyone loves the sound of wine glugging from the bottle. But now, beer has a soundtrack all of its own. As part of Beck’s Record Label Project, the Kiwi firm Gyro Constructivists set out to create the first ‘playable’ beer bottle. (Nice one Bobby!)

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Mini Instagram projector

Dim the lights. Pass round the popcorn. And treat your friends to a slideshow of all your finest filter-tastic snaps.

Projecteo is a mini projector created just for Instagram pictures. It was created last year, and thanks to $87,000 of Kickstarter funding, has just launched to the public. (Cheers, Keely.)

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Pre-internet shoe

Diesel is trying a bit of reverse psychology by asking fans to refrain from posting on social media sites and sharing on Instagram. The prize? A shoe from 1993 which the brand proudly promotes as low-tech. To win it, fans have to go cold turkey on Facebook posts for three days or quit Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for two days. Twenty fans will win the shoe.

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Plugg Radio

Created by Norwegian design duo Skrekkøgle, Plugg is a DAB radio that’s controlled by a cork. Out for sound, in for silence. Produced using hacking electronics, 3D printing and laser cutting, the simple device explores the loss of tangibility in our electronic equipment by focussing on the physical interaction required to use it.

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Do you ever step into a bookstore and find yourself overwhelmed by the selection?
If you live in Toronto, The Monkey’s Paw (a second-hand bookstore) has a wonderful solution: the Biblio-Mat. Feed the lovingly hand-constructed machine $2, and the pulley-system will dispense a random title for your reading pleasure. The perfect solution for indecisive book lovers! (Good spot, Polly!)

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For the record

Canadian DJ Kid Koala’s new album comes with a kit that enables listeners to assemble a functional, miniature turntable and play a special flexi-disc on it. (Keep ‘em coming Tim!)

For £14 ($22, €17) fans receive a cardboard gramophone kit along with a two-LP set and a digital mp3 download. The contents of the flexi-disc – a spoken message from the artist’s mother-in-law – may not be especially exciting, but enthusiasm over the kit has amplified the media buzz surrounding the album.

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Fresh from the farm

We’re suckers for nice packaging, but in this case the product isn’t high-design or super functional, but purely about communication. AS Foods, makers of fruit and vegetable-based products, have created a temptingly packaged range of delicious juice jellies.

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Let’s get physical

In a bid to ‘bring the feeling back to life’, We Love Real, in partnership with Royal Mail, have created a social network that celebrates the physical – allowing users to post real-life content to a plot in London.

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