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Call the local shots

Call the local shots

Global recipe; local taste. That’s the formula behind Pernod Ricard’s brand ‘Our/Vodka’. And it seems to be working a dream.

After launching in Berlin, Our/Vodka has just found its way to American soil, starting with Our/Detroit. The idea is simple: fund local micro-distilleries and give local entrepreneurs the freedom to make the brand their own.

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Tiny tasters

Tiny tasters

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtZlHSy5HDM

Bite sized is making big tasty waves across the US right now, with Oreo sending out pint-sized surprises to the fifty smallest towns across the country.

For Elsie Eiler, the only resident living in Monowi, Nebraska, the 11th of August felt a bit like Christmas. She received an unexpected petite package containing Oreo Minis as a gesture by the brand, which is celebrating all things tiny as part of its Oreo Minis campaign.

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Healthy Corner Store

Going to the corner shop for sweets is a special treat for most children. But in Philadelphia, the poorest and most obese city in the US, researchers found that half the kids in low-income neighbourhoods shop at corner stores twice a day.

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Local ice cream heroes

Every year, on 9th April, Ben & Jerry’s celebrates the opening of their first business by giving away free ice-cream for the whole day. To celebrate in the Netherlands this year, the brand asked people to vote for their local heroes via a social media campaign.

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Don’t get comfortable

‘Don’t get comfortable’ might be an unusual request from a clothing company, but American Giant have other ideas. (Cheers Elliot). Unhappy with the fact that most of our clothes are made overseas, they’ve created a brand with an old American work ethic – without cutting any corners. Check out their brand film below:

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Love for local

Supermarkets are convenient, but often source their products from all over the world – racking up carbon emissions and squeezing out local competition. As a reaction to this, Danish co-operative superstore SuperBrugsen are encouraging customers to suggest local products that they’d like to see on their supermarket shelves.

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McDonald is launching its latest ‘localised’ product – the McCamembert! (Thanks, Tim)






This isn’t the first time McDonalds have introduced local favourites. The Middle East enjoyed the McArabia, Japan experienced the Mega Teriyaki and Thailand chomped their way through Jasmine Rice Patties. McDonalds is set to open its first vegetarian-only restaurant this year in India, and elsewhere the restaurant doesn’t serve beef and pork out of respect for their Hindu and Muslim customers. Hopefully the Elmwood Leeds studio can look forward to the McYorkshirePudding arriving soon!

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More than a market

How do you help a community feel more connected, whilst providing access to healthy food at a fair price? The answer – open a grocery store. The People’s Community Market in West Oakland is funded by the community and investors, who in-turn keep some of the profits. Once it’s built, the market will provide jobs, educate families about healthy living, and provide a space for people to get together. A cornerstone for this Californian community.

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Flash your cash

You’ve already heard of flash mobbing, the craze that started way back in 2003 in Manhattan. People used social media to arrange to meet in a certain place and join in with an activity like dancing or pillow fighting.

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Levi’s uniform

Levi’s has partnered with San Francisco’s acclaimed Saison restaurant to create functional workwear for its staff. The restaurant shares the pioneering spirit of the Levi’s brand with its unique open-kitchen environment and innovative approach.

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